Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Support and Doggies

Sunday we watched to rebroadcast of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir's 24th of July Celebration. They focused heavily on those have and are serving in the military. I cried, but it did help me to realize I need to be proud and supportive of what Gunnar is doing.
But it is tough sometimes when I miss him so much.
Happy note-
Monday we were out for our walk when a couple was out walking their dogs. They were passing us when I asked Avi if she saw the "doggies". She perked right up- she recognized the word. She saw them and got very excited. We turned to watch them a bit and then I turned around to continue our walk, only Avi got upset we were leaving the dogs! So I turned around and we followed them for a bit, but thankfully she lost interest and we were able to turn the corner to head home.

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