Thursday, July 7, 2011

Inner Tube Fun

July 5th we went swimming at the A.F. Recreation Center. Avi did well with kicking her feet and moving her arms. She is quite the swimmer. She enjoyed seeing the other kids and babies and playing with the tube Erin, my sister, let her use.
That afternoon Avi climbed inside my suitcase I had used for our trip to Idaho and played among the the clothes. We commented that she was ready to be packed to go see Gunnar.
Later Erin picked us up for a sleep over at their house. Avi loved the purple inner tube that belongs to Aliea. It was great entertainment the whole way over. When we got in the house Avi, Aliea, and Jaxon all enjoyed playing with Jaxon and Aliea's tubes. Avi was crawling into the center to sit in the middle and then would climb out, and she even tried crawling with the tube straddled in between her legs.

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