Saturday, July 16, 2011

the 15th

June 15, 2011
I went to work out at the aerobics class the church offered- I was a bit late, and it turned out to start earlier then I thought- so I missed about half. I am so out of shape, so it ended up being the perfect amount :). I felt energized for the day. It was zumba- so I felt somewhat silly as I turned the wrong directions and felt as they 'chest pumped' I had nothing to pump. But it was fun and good to get out.
I really wanted those clear noodles cooked with soy sauce, vegies, and meat- so we went to Thai Village. I was able to get the clear noodles- not their best dish, but mom's curry was delicious and we got mango with sticky rice- yum!!
Avi got into the tupperware drawer and found a little plastic cup- she loves it!! She pretends to drink from it. She is a doll!
We went shopping after eating to Costco and Wal-mart- back again!! I felt like we were just there. I found those t-shirt material cardigans- which I just love. They were half sleeve- perfect for summer- mom spoiled me and said she would get me them (they had black and blue) for my birthday. I got some socks for myself- I love new socks!!
I wish Utah started with an 87 octane- that is the lowest my truck takes, so it takes a fortune to fill it!! It is already a huge tank, but then you add the premium charges... Every time I fill up I think if "Dan in Real Life" when he is filling up their station wagon and he is commenting on how there goes each of his daughters' college educations.
I am really feeling Gunnar's absence. I think the first week I was in a kind of shock. I got to talk with him for a moment. I was so grateful- but his battery was dying. This is insanity!! It is not right to be away from each other! How did those pioneer women do it? In poverty, persecution, and no cell phones or computers...
In comparison to so many others, I really don't have much to complain about, but it is still tough.

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