Sunday, July 31, 2011

Random Pictures

I need to learn how to caption pictures...
There is a picture of...
My mom has some Sleeping Beauty figurine toys, that are not Avi age appropriate- so they were put on the shelf out of her reach. Avi had been eying them, and the day before she tried climbing into her toy box, in front of the shelf to get to the toys. This was a difficult task considering the box went up to her hip, but she finally got her foot over- only to find an unstable surface of toys inside, so she decided not to climb in after several attempts. The next day... I was with her, I closed my eyes for a minute to open them to see she had climbed in and gotten to the figurines! What a determined girl!
Last Sunday, mom had gotten "The 10 Commandments" from netflix so we watched the first half, while Avi entertained herself by climbing on the Pampers box, eating the giant grasshopper's antennae, and getting her face very dirty!
My mom has an adorable Sesame Street train, that when pulled the characters play the drum and bang the cymbals together. Avi loves Bert's hair- when she passes it she likes to put her mouth on it.
Avi loves strings and straps. I have a blue shirt with ties, Avi was happily playing with them, so I decided to put the shirt on her- What a beautiful dress on her!
Finally- the result of a late night and Krispy Kreme doughnuts... I found out I fit in Avi's high chair- I thankfully did not break it!
Side note- Warren, my brother gave her Gerber yogurt melts as part of his gift for her first birthday- She LOVES them! I think she has had half the package today!!


  1. To caption pictures, I just center justify the text and make it smaller. Works for me! Cute pics!

  2. Heather, you can first add the pictures, and then click under each picture to write a description. (If you want a description for each picture :)

    PS I don't know if I've ever invited you to view my blog! I also don't know that I have your current e-mail address, so if you would like an invite, then send me a message on facebook with your e-mail and I can send you an invite. I don't post on my blog too often. In fact, I haven't posted since May, but I hope to be more consistent at it soon!! :)