Saturday, October 29, 2011

Bed Rest Begins

 Avi thought the nurse call/remote thing was a phone.
What a crazy week. On Friday, since mom and Em were on Fall Break, I ran some errands while they watched Avi. I felt I had over done it a little, and thought I should lay down, but I was running behind and had agreed to make cookies and cream brownies for dinner at Erin's. The brownies are amazing! Yummo!
When I got to Erin's I let her know my cervix had changed more then originally thought. She requested I lay down on the couch for the rest of the evening. When we got home I put Avi to bed then started getting myself ready. I noticed a little bit of spotting and my heart fell. I called Labor and Delivery and asked them what to do. They said call your doctor or come in. The doctor's office was closed. I called mom, she had taken Jaxon to a play. She was on her way home. I called Erin to have her come over to be with Avi. Mom got here first. We waited for Erin. When she got here, it was decided for her to come, since she is the one with pregnancy complication experience.
I got checked in to labor and delivery. As the nurse asked me questions, Erin was on the phone with registration. The lady from registration would not believe Erin that Gunnar's name was Gunnar. Then the lady asked for his middle name. She thought Erin was crazy. So Erin passed the phone to me. I wasn't sure if my insurance had approved the new doctor, so I told them the doctors I had been going to. My heart fell when they told me the doctor on call was the one who had been so mean that week. The nurse called him, asking what he wanted done. The charge nurse came in to check me. She said I was one cm dilated and 80% effaced. The nurse who was caring for me seemed a bit lost at what to do (she was way sweet, but she said they don't get many women coming in this early- I was about 21 weeks). They monitored me for contractions. It is hard to pick up this early, but we think I had a couple. I called Gunnar's parents. They arranged to have Uncle John Maddox come to give me a blessing.
Later the doctor came. He was much nicer! He admitted that he deals with a patient like me once every several years, and the studies are not completely comprehensive. He arranged to have me meet with a perinatalogist the next day- actually at that point we were into the middle of the night, so later that day.
Sonja had come over and when Emily came home, mom came over as well. It was about three or four am when everyone went home-no point in someone staying when they could sleep comfortably at home.
I just wanted Gunnar. I wanted at least to talk to him. I had not talked to him for about two days, and had no idea of when and how we could get a hold of him. I hated it. Sonja and Erin sent him messages on Face Book. I even called mom and asked her to put a message directly on his page- not the most private and kosher ways of dealing with a situation like this, but I desperately wanted to have him find out as soon as possible, and he is not the best at reading his messages. Thankfully Gunnar got the message and called Saturday afternoon.
I do not want to loose my little boy. He has been so active. I had just started being able to see my belly move when he moves. I did not want to loose this sweet little life inside of me.
I know this is part of mortality, but it really is an awful thing to have a body that doesn't naturally hold your babies in. I had prayed so hard to know if I should get a cerclage this pregnancy. Did I miss the answer? I don't know.
I met with a perinatalogist Saturday a bit after talking to Gunnar. She did an ultrasound to check things out. What a busy boy I have inside! and he is proud to be a boy :)- no question about his gender! He is sooo cute!! Thankfully I was still about a 3 cm cervix- some measurements said as low as 2.8, but average about a 3. She told me of a new treatment of a (pretty sure it is a progesterone) suppository to strengthen the cervix- so we were to try it out and to do bed rest.
The doctor on call for the day gave me the prescription, and told me the perinatalogist was being over careful, that I was just fine and had nothing to worry about. I smile and nodded- glad I was getting away from this office of doctors. Maybe I could just be up and things would be fine, but obviously things were changing when I was, and he wants me to risk my baby's life??? I was so frustrated he was not taking me seriously- even in the hospital. At least the doctor the night before admitted there was a problem!
So mom and Em moved me and Avi to Erin's house. Poor Erin! What a crazy week. We got the internet put in on Tuesday- but the router we had wouldn't work with it, so she had to get another, then that did not work- after spending all day trying to get it to work, so the next day she got another- more problems, then it turned out, the problem-this time was my laptop. Erin lost two days to trying to get the internet going so I can have a chance to communicate with Gunnar. Let alone she is taking care of me and Avi and trying to still care for her own family. I hope things will get easier! She called her book club and had them come to her house so I could go- I have been trying to do book club for a while, but something always comes up!! Ya for book club!!
Oh, on Sunday mom reminded me I had been asked to give the closing prayer in sacrament meeting- she gave it for me :). I think I should never agree to do anything in sacrament meeting when I am pregnant- last time with Avi, we had been asked to give talks the weekend I went on bed rest.
It has been hard on me not be able to really be a mother to Avi. I am just on the bed or the couch. It is such a wonderful privilege to be a mother. It kills me to not be the one caring for her- and to see how it is so demanding on Erin's family care for her. I never want to do bed rest again. It is horrible enough to not be able to care for one child- I cannot imagine two. Not to mention the soreness and weakness that comes with bed rest, the emotional and mental trauma.. the feelings of uselessness and fear of loosing or having a baby come with so many problems.
But there has been blessings. Avi is now beginning to fold her arms for prayers, I think Aliea and Jaxon have been a good influence for her that way. At my appointment on Friday, they used the 3-D ultrasound for a minute! We got to see his handsome little face! And best of all... My cervix has lengthened to a 4.5!!!! Amazingly long!!! The perinatalogist still wants me on bed rest because things can change so quickly. We are going to monitor the next couple of weeks- get to viability- and maybe I can do a modified bed rest!! We shall see.
Avi and I are at my mom's for weekend. Avi has had much more interest in playing with me since Aliea and Jaxon are not around- last night I felt better with getting on the ground and playing with her- since my cervix is looking so good. I hope I can play with her more, so Erin doesn't have to watch her as much. I am so thankful the medication and the bed rest is working. It will be interesting to monitor and see if it is more the bed rest or the medication that is making the difference.
I am 22 weeks today.
Erin made French Onion soup the other day- yum!!
it was
2 chopped onions- she did a yellow and a red- saute till clear
water and beef -paste- whatever- I have bouillon in my cupboard
Let that simmer a bit- her teacher that taught her let it reduce several times- and added more seasonings each time- I thought once was very flavorful.
In oven safe dishes put a piece of french bread in the bottom, add soup, and top with cheese. Bake in oven around 425* till cheese is melted and browned.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

October Times

My little firefighter!

So yesterday we went to get Avi's car seat checked- aka- I took it out to wash it and know I did not put it in very well, so I went to get some 'man muscle' to secure my baby's seat. We got a tour of the fire trucks and an ambulance after. Avi loved it. It was adorable. She got to sit in the driver's seat. She loved the big steering wheel and all the buttons!
We got my records released from the doctor's office- it turns out my cervix has shorten even more than I thought. The doctor had said I was a "Three- seven." So I assumed it meant 3.7- I was wrong- I am a 3.07. I know the cervix changes and 3.07 is still safely long, but going from a 4.35 to a 3.07 seems a big jump to me... I am interested if my cervix is still shortening, and what my new doctor will advise. We will see on the November 2nd.
Today I went down to have my hair cut by Jennica's girl- Jennica looks fabulous, so I was excited. She did a good job, it wasn't exactly what I was looking for- but maybe I just don't know how to get it to styled correctly. I sent her a picture, maybe it is about the same.. hum. I just think I look older now and my face more round, but it will fun to have a change and glorious to get rid of so many split ends.
My picture of the temple came in today!! I was so excited to pick it up!! I think it looks fabulous. I had them print "The Nelson Family- next line-Established Oct. 24, 2009..." I wish I had put Est. October 24, 2009. But it will be wonderful for our home.
Avi likes to scoot down the stairs on her bum. I wish she would just turn around like she did before, at times she does, but it is not the norm... She has taken several tumbles down stair- ugh! Thankfully, mom's stairs are short and no harm has come.
Have I mentioned Avi has THE MOST KISSABLE cheeks. they are just so precious squishy.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It is officially a boy!!

So poor Avi looks abused! I put Avi down when we got home from the doctor's and she turned and fell into the table leg- I didn't see the bruising on her noise till tonight.
Well, the doctors..
It is a boy!! It's certain now! Hurray! for baby brother! Avi was very sweet sitting on the bench they have in the ultrasound room eating snacks and watching the ultrasound. She was so well behaved.
He was curled together, so it was hard to get good shots, but hey- at least he looks good :). His right kidney is a little dilated, so we will watch that. He is measuring a day ahead of schedule-really they have these things down to the day?? But I think he is going to be a very handsome young man!!
It was wonderful to see him.
The doctor on the other hand was not so wonderful. So with Avi we had some scary times- I am a bit nervous. Plus, I have gone from a 4.3 cervix to a 3.7- 3.7 way long and healthy, but I am changing... I just want to keep an eye on it- Well, the Doctor was so rude. I wish I could express his manner and tone he used in writing- it basically was, "Lady, you are crazy and stupid. You are a waste of our time. We want your baby to die, rather than keep a check on things..." The funny thing was it was the same doctor last time that Avi cried when he came in-Avi, who loves everyone... Well, Avi was onto to something the first time she met him- this guy is not nice. So we are getting out of that office. I am done with them.
I called and talk to another doctor's nurse when I got home, I have an appointment. I need to call my insurance and get my records released from the last place.
I am missing my last doctor- Dr. McDonald. Yes, he was, I thought crazy lenient, but he really cared- and he did extra checks just put me at ease- and wow- his extra checks got Avi here safely- I want to kiss the man. I did not know how rare it was to actually have a doctor really want to get your baby here safely.
I made chicken Korma for dinner- it was from the bottle. I added chicken, cauliflower- because it needed to be used- some pineapple and even some mango on top. I wanted to go further, funny because it was just Avi and me- but the bottle didn't seem to be enough for the proportion to the chicken I had cooked... so I added more coconut milk. I thought it needed more- so I added curry powder and put cheese in Avi's- that kid needs calories :). It wasn't too bad by the time we got done. We had it with brown rice- yum! I forgot the yummy 'nutty' flavor of brown rice.
Did I already put down that Avi gives requests for "Round and Round the Garden..."- a little ditty that ends in tickling... It is so cute- it starts with circling your finger around the hand- so Avi points one finger to the other hand and circles...Adorable!!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

...and The Ward Party

 Aunt Jennica and Avi walking to the party
 My little garden fairy

Last night Avi blew out a candle for the first time. She has blown in the general direction a time or two, but she really did it! It took her about four our five tries- it was so sweet.
While I waited to see if Gunnar would be on line last night- no luck- I did the pictures of Christ matting for "The Living Christ". It is not perfect, but I think it will be a nice addition to our home.
Yesterday we went to the park for a while. Avi adores being outside. I am not looking forward to the winter... I am having a hard time finding boots small enough for her.
Today I drove mom's home teachers to pick up Erin's old fridge to replace moms. The baby felt a bit weird on part of the trip and when I got home I did not feel right- so I laid down for a while.
This evening we went to the ward party. It was in the bishop's front yard. The weather was perfect. They had potluck soups/chilli and desserts. They also made scones! and cotton candy. There were games out on neighbor's yards, and it was the halloween party so some of the kids dressed up. Aliea and Jaxon came- they were so cute- Aliea was Alice in Wonderland- wow she looks just like her!! and Jaxon was Jack Sparrow. Avi was Tinkerbell-I thought she was simply adorable!!
I think Avi spends soo much time by herself- we were off to the side eating and Avi was more excited by the lawn decorations then the people for a bit... but she did find a cute one year old- that she gave a kiss to and played a little peek-a-boo with.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Better Day & Natural Yeast Bread Class!

So today was a definite improvement over the last few.
Tonight I went to a baking with natural yeast bread class. I am soo excited. I fed my start tonight, I have yet to figure out a name (supposedly it helps you to take care of the start better- like a pet- Ya! I have allowed my family to have a pet- Gunnar can't say I never let us have a pet! But it stops here- this is the ONLY pet to be allowed.) I am so excited for pancakes!!
I have found a breakfast success for Avi- I heat up some granola with whole milk, add bananas (or peach), raspberries, and some of Avi's yogurt, and she eats it up like crazy!!
I made some broccoli soup tonight- I was at class, but mom informed me Avi liked it!! Ya!
We went up to the park by the temple and took pictures of Avi to make Christmas cards- I have a free card deal that expires tonight- so it had to be done today. Avi was adorable!! though very hard to get pictures of. The first time we went- She had not had a good morning nap, so I don't think I got her to smile once, and there were kids around so she ran off and played with them- I was glad to have her play. So we went out a second time, after afternoon nap. Well, she came away with two scraps on her face and she put her hands in- I am guessing- dog poop- that ended the photo shoot!
But I think she just looked beautiful!
This morning we got to skype with Gunnar!!!! Oh my word- every time it is sooo good to see him!! We got to read scriptures and say a family prayer. Best of all Avi got to see him- and he her. He got to see her walking around a bit. It is amazing how much she has grown. I swear she is taller even in the last week! I hope we can start to regularly have Avi see him. I want her to know him when he comes back.
At this point I still feel he should be able to come back permanently when the baby comes. I think there should be a way to get his orders changed- if anyone knows how- please let me know. How am I suppose to handle a new born and a nineteen month old??? I am already having a tough time.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Way Cute Picture Fun and Pumpkin Bread

Look what I learned to do tonight! It is not perfect, but I thought it rather nifty :).
I was going to do it on a wedding photo, but the cd's are in the room with sleeping Avi.
Here is the Link for the tutorial

I made Pumpkin Bread today- yum!
3 1/2
c. Flour
3 c. sugar (I left out abt 1/2 c)
2 tsp soda
1/2 tsp salt
1 pkg vanilla pudding (I couldn't find vanilla in my pantry, so I used cheesecake- it worked!)
2 1/2 TBLS pumpkin spice

2 1/2 c pumpkin
1/2 c. oil
4 eggs
2/3 c. water

mix and bake at 350* for 50-60 min
Opt 1/2-1 c. pecans (wish I had remembered to try some!)

Avi loves the pumpkin bread- she points to it to ask for more- I try to limit it, so she doesn't end up sick again!
She had a major poop out- again! I think part of it is that we are in between diaper sizes- so nothing fits quite right..
I got to talk to Gunnar- Hallelujah! finally Five days! I was going way crazy- the sad thing is- I was so down today, I was even down when talking to him- it was a big down to come out of. But I feel better now. Goodness, I can't wait for him to be home!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

chicken cordon bleu and carpets

Cleaned the carpets this weekend- the house in an upheaval, slowly settling back. I am so glad I was finally able to do it. We were super blessed because my mom's visiting teacher owns a carpet cleaner, so I just had to buy soap. When it was done- I was tired and blistered, but much happier with Avi toddling about on cleaner floors.
I have been reading The Help. I marvel that these things happened so recently. How can people be so cruel to one another?
We went to Erin's the other day. Avi got to try on Aliea's tinker bell costume- ya it fits! She will be so cute for Halloween. Erin made baked hot chocolate-oh! baby! what a chocolate fix! I have been craving chocolate so bad- with Avi too- I think Avi came out half chocolate ice cream.
Speaking of Avi and sweets- I have been a bad mom this week. I went to a friend's house for a craft night- and Avi was all over! I had brought here snacks and a few toys- not enough... Well, to keep her occupied-because she wanted one sooo bad- I let her have a cookie. It was her first chocolate chip cookie. She ate the whole thing- and for a few minutes I could actually work on my project.. but after, poor kid threw up a bit. I do not think her tummy was happy. And then today I let her have some sugary cereal that the little girl we sat next to in Sunday school and Relief society had, and let her have banana bread- well, poor kid spits up again. I need to be more diligent. I let it slid this week, but back to being very careful! I don't like to see my baby not feeling well!
Three days no communication with Gunnar- and the last time we talked we didn't even get to say goodbye. Between that and not getting much sleep. I had a tough day..or two. Then today- I missed him. He usually messages sometime from 8:30-10 pm, and tonight it was six. I had checked just in case earlier to see if he had left a message- my facebook was up, but I didn't have a hope that he would be around anytime soon. I made dinner-
Chicken Cordon Bleu
- it was really good:
pounded out 2 chicken breasts, tossed with rosemary
put 3 pieces of ham and 2 slices of swiss cheese- sprinkled with salt, pepper, and some poultry seasoning
Wrapped ham and cheese in the chicken- toothpicked, dipped in melted butter and covered with crushed corn flakes- while the chicken baked at 400* for 40 mins. I heated in a sauce pan:
abt 2/3 c white grape juice
1 chicken bullion
then added
1 c heavy cream that was mixed with 1 TBLS cornstarch
let that thicken up.
to serve put the sauce over the chicken.- yum
We had it with some instant potatoes- I am usually a one dish cook- and green beans. Good dinner.

But while we were having our great dinner- Gunnar was wondering where I was- since I my facebook was up... Thankfully he left me a wonderful message, which I have e-mailed to myself so I can look at easily. Oh, my word I miss that man. I am praying the Lord will take away my fears- and that there will not be a reason to fear... does a wife ever stop worrying about her husband?- or is that just me?

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Ha! I can't really remember yesterday- I know we played out side, went for a walk and... I made black bean soup.
Today I made more black bean soup and dropped it off for a funeral, we did some shopping, went to the library-it was story time, but A. it is geared toward older kids B. Avi was everywhere!! she did pay attention when the parachute came out, but then it was gone- she fussed for a second when they put it away.
We went to the relief society activity tonight. I tried to rush to get Avi home close to her bed time. Avi again, all over, but thankfully a young woman took care of her a bit.
I found this adorable bed spread I want to do with an Gunnar's old comforter.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

General Conference Sun

Second day of conference. It was wonderful, but I missed snuggling up to Gunnar. Erin was able to feel the baby kick. Avi loved playing with Jaxon and Aliea. She was so busy grabbing toys and walking around with them. Baby is kicking right now- I think he is going to be a soccer player.
I made blueberry waffles, Jennica made buttermilk syrup- yum! For lunch we had Hawaiian haystacks.
It was fun to be with family. This evening Sonja stopped by :). The Hendrix were in town so they also stopped by! I felt like it was a piece of home. We love them so much!
I felt one of the main messages of conference was- Read The Book of Mormon! I also thought being a missionary- of being kind and patient, trying to follow the Savior. And also feeling and believing in the Lord's love.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

General Conference Sat

Avi did the sweetest thing tonight. As I was praying with her before I put her to bed- I said Jesus in the prayer and Avi perked right up and pointed to our picture of Jesus in our room. It was so sweet.
I just started The Help, on the second page it mentions how baby like fat-to snuggle. I have been thinking lately about that very thing as I hold little Avi- usually as I am singing her a lullaby and she is moving her head around to try to find a comfortable spot- I have rather boney shoulders with my clavicles sticking out, so the poor kids has to work to find a comfy spot- at those moments- probably the only moments in my life- I wish I had some more meat on my bones- at least on my shoulders :).
General Conference was wonderful. I missed Gunnar. I wonder if we will have time to talk about it. I felt so excited to be pregnant during Elder Anderson's talk- the man knows how to strike a pregnant woman's emotional cord- but then again, that is not a challenge...
One of my favorite lines from conference was Elder Scott- when he said memorizing a scripture was like making a friend.
I just finished Have a Little Faith and saw two things that were mentioned in the book- about how the Lord expects us to be faithful, loving, devoted, serving.... (in the book it was told as a joke- that a man tells the Lord he did X amount of good things, loved his family, and was faithful- so what is his reward- and the Lord responds, 'what reward? You were suppose to do those things.') And the other thing that I saw was to Look up. In the book the author talks about how he looked down on others who were religious, and then he learned he should not have been looking down on them, but looking up. I loved the talk by Elder Cook- in which he said to be faithful and Look up no matter the circumstance... I realized I need to be better about being faithful. I get down and discouraged so easily- one thing I love about Gunnar, is that he doesn't get as worried- he just has faith that things will work out, to just trust in the Lord. So the talk was so good for me.
Okay, who does not love Elder Uchtdorf?? I loved, Compared to God we are nothing, but to God we are everything. I ever need to hear we need to focus on doing our best and not comparing ourselves to others. I really felt the Love of the Lord while listening to his talk.
Elder Arden's talk, I felt him talking about making sure you are productive, not just busy was so good, and that we need to identify our time wasting behaviors and desolate them- to grind them away.
Oh, my word- as I look at my notes- I just loved every talk- not that I have a ton of notes from the afternoon session, because Avi was awake- her nap time is during the morning session, and she napped really well. But one more- Wow, for Provo's second temple! It is the perfect solution saving the tabernacle!
In the evening we saw Sonja, Gunnar's sister. It was so nice to see her and hear a little about her life. We also stopped by Roberts craft, because everything was half off... and they had some crafts you could do for free- we did one a little Halloween decoration- I thought it was pretty cute.
*** I have started to feel the baby move!! He is a kicker! I love it!!