Friday, December 30, 2011

My big-little Girl

Avi is my big-little girl. She was sitting at the table this morning coloring! I felt like she is really graduating from the baby stage. She was so cute to watch color and snack on chex cereal. Unfortunantely I have not been able to locate my camera... humph.
This week we taught her to respond to being asked how old she is- she is so cute! She holds up her finger, and then claps- because we always celebrate her getting it right. Now I am working on teaching her to sign "thank you". The first time I showed her- she blew me a kiss back :). now it is kind of a random movement from the chin or chest.
Her cheeks are chubbing back up- at Erin's she was basically on the BRAT diet, and yes, it was helping her diaper, but she started to loose a little bit of weight. So I am very glad she is gaining back. Speaking of which- she has not pooped in the middle of the night for about four or five days!! and her bum is looking better- I think she needed the prescription bum paste- which smells horrible!!
Avi likes to sing songs with her baby- she thinks it is fun to have me help her to do the actions to "Wheels on the bus" and "Pat-a-Cake" with her baby doll.
She is also understanding some simple commands like- "Give that to ____", and sometimes- "Put that away".

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas and 30 week appointments

Perinatologist appointment- cervix is at a about a 3!! wow!! bed rest works! So the plan was if the cervix was good I would go to Idaho, but the cord is wrapped twice around his neck- so we are going to stay here. We are going to start non-stress tests twice a week and I need to do kick counts morning, afternoon, and evening. Ecogenic bowel still there, but not really a worry. I am about 30 weeks- and the doctor said I can get off bed rest at 34!!! The end is in sight!
OB- 134 lbs, 31" belly.-the doctor felt my calf and bemoaned my pitiful no muscle state.
We went to Erin's this afternoon and had a game afternoon. We played Bananagrams, Apples to Apples, and Quirkle. It was fun to be together. We had the French hot chocolate from The Devils Food Cake mystery novel. I loved the frothiness of it!! It is something like 1 jar of Mrs. Richardson's hot fudge sauce with 3 qts milk, and mix that in with a container of wipped whipping cream....I don't know- I was on the couch, but the consistency was great- though I think I would like to switch up the chocolate...
I am working on a crocheted mermaid tail- I saw it on Pinterest and though it is for baby girl pictures- I thought it was way too cute to wait...
Christmas day. Avi wore the dress her Grandma and Grandpa Nelson gave her last year to church- she looked very cute! A man in the ward in the ward she had the cutest smile he has seen on a baby- it was her crinkled nose smile. When she got home she saw her skoot n' ride Radio Flyer rider that Grandma Dorsey got her. She was very excited- especially in a dress she had a bit of a hard time mounting, but she got it... We let her play with that for a while, and later she grabbed the blanket that was covering the elephant ball popper that I had gotten her. She didn't even notice it- she played with the blanket and the other toys in the room for about ten minutes, and then she finally saw it. She got excited and ran over to it and got excited for me to take it out. I had pulled a Christmas classic, in forgetting to check if it needed batteries... so we got it out, she like the balls that came with, but she knew that it was suppose to do something more than just sit there-later thankfully Grandma realized she had some batteries that would fit in a lantern. I think Aliea and Jaxon have thought it cooler then Avi does, but I think it is awesome, and she has fun with it.
The family got here about four, we were suppose to have dinner, but it was running late. Gunnar had said he would be able to skype starting around five or six. So I installed a camera on my laptop and set up a skype account Christmas eve. Around four I turned skype and started to wait for Gunnar. About two hours later, dinner still not ready and no Gunnar. So I checked my Facebook- again I must have checked my Facebook right before Gunnar got on, because there was a message from him that was two hours old! He was not on line- my heart broke. I started to cry- I checked to see if he had at least written me an e-mail- nope. I had missed him! But it turned out, he was still on! We couldn't get my skype to work- so we messaged, then we got my mom's to work, and I could hear him, but he couldn't hear me- but at least I got to see him!! What a handsome guy! I have to admit between thinking I missed him, and I had Braxton Hicks for about an hour or so that day- so I was a bit nervous- well, my emotions were gone- I basically cried for most the call... lucky Gunnar!
Dinner was done about the time I started skyping with Gunnar, so I ate after. My favorites were the steamed pork buns, Kim Pop, and the pagogi- Yum!
We then started opening presents! Wow, what a late night for Avi! But she did really well considering. She did better than I thought opening presents. She didn't get too caught up on what she had unwrapped, but moved onto the next present pretty well. She got a blow up wand from her cousin Emmi- and it was so funny- I blew it up for her- I think because I had put it to my mouth, she thought it belonged in her mouth. She happily ate at it till she found a present that could distract her enough! Everyone was so kind in gift giving. I feel so blessed and spoiled.
Christmas Eve, we watched the new "Christmas Carol" with Jim Carey- oh my word it is so scary!! I had forgotten! It is not suitable for children! I don't know why they made it dark and disturbing!
Earlier- Avi and I played with the nativity- telling the Christmas story simply- she also got it at bed time.
I wrapped my last present, worked on something for Gunnar, played with Avi....

Friday, December 23, 2011

Third molar, aliens, and...

Avi is getting her third molar! It is coming in on the bottom right side. I spotted it last night- she just had had some rice, so for a moment I wondered if it was rice in her mouth, but nope- it was the beginning of another tooth. Last night I went to bed about midnight- Avi had a poopy diaper- thankfully not leaked out. Emily put her back in her bed, and she of course cried, but it was so bad- I told Em to go ahead and let her sleep with me. I am pretty sure her mouth was bothering her. She was restless and fussy, and the dead give away of teething- she wanted to sleep on top of me.
I have one more present to wrap. I guess since tomorrow is Christmas eve- I am not as on top of things as I feel, but better than Gunnar's mom was telling me that her dad would wait till Christmas day to wrap all the kids' presents- there are nine kids in their family...
I have found more crochet projects I want to attempt- ha ha ha!! mouse hat, mermaid tail, bumble bee tushy cover with hat... okay, just found a pig set too- oh man... this is trouble!
Today I got a package from Alicia- the trade. I LOVE what she made! they are sooo cute. coordinating skirt, tie, and hair accessory- Oh, my babies are going to look sooo cute! I really hope the hats/beards fit her guys well. Kesten came over and we exchanged presents (okay, so in gift giving she always puts me to shame, she is so nice)- and they had ordered  a bearded hat for Frank- the beard, I have to say- looks awesome on him, but I made the hat too long- apparently not all guys have as long as heads as Wayne!! He can get away with it, but I feel bad- I like things to look the best I can make them.
The last three days Avi has played mostly with a bucket of Aliens from Disneyland- the Toy Story ones. She loves them! They are just the little plastic aliens, but she loves pulling them in and out of the bucket, playing around with them, putting them in the lid and dumping them back into the bucket.... they have been her favorite three days running- who would have guessed?
I finished the book of Mark this morning. I thought it would be good to read some New Testament before Christmas. I loved it. I haven't read the book of Mark a ton, so it was nice. It is such a nice summary of the Savior's life. I have loved thinking about the miracles and works of the Savior as Christmas is drawing near. It is such a blessing to have the scriptures. I think my next goal will be from my mom's ward- they have a 'coming closer to Christ in 40 days' program- a schedule for reading The Book of Mormon. I would like to read it again before the baby comes- seems a good way to polish off my bed rest time. I hope Gunnar can join me- I was going to ask him to start with me today, but no call.
My belly is huge- at least I feel it is. I feel like when I am up walking my belly leads the way. I am watching for stretch marks- thankfully none so far- well no new ones that is. Motherhood really is insanity- you loose your body, your sleep, your health...but it really is the best thing. I called to register at the hospital in Provo- since my appointment on Tuesday is there. The young man who was registering me told me he was in Air Force reserves and going in full time this upcoming year, when I mentioned Gunnar being deployed. That launched us off into talking about military service, etc... he said he was a thrill junky and wanted to lead a "meaningful" life, so he wanted to be a paratrooper and never get married and have a family. I told him- okay- get your thrills in while he was enlisted, but that in few years, he would be older and wiser he would realize the best thing he could ever do in his life was to have a family. I let him know having kids is the best thing in the world- yes, I loved sky diving when I went, but having kids is even better. He commented that I was pretty sure of myself when I told him that having kids was the best thing ever- I told him I was because I was right.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Avi wet the bed

Today Avi took off her pants and her diaper and wet the bed when she was down for her nap... I knew it was coming... she has been discovering taking off her pants for about the last week, but here it is. She was not wearing a onesie today, so I think we will need to make sure she is wearing one.
Yesterday Teresja came over for a few hours while the family was gone to a movie. We had lunch and played Banangrams- each of us won a round. I feel I should get extra points winning against Teresja- she is ridiculously good at games. Let's just say every time there was a word or two she had that I had never heard.
I gave up on Avi's little present she had unwrapped. She got it out and wanted to try it on. The tag was still attached to the sleeve. So she got pleasure out of trying to hand me the tag and it still be attached.
Poop out this morning, so I called the pediatrician. I talked to the nurse. She said that to start her on probiotics and if she isn't better in ten days then to bring her in. My mom went shopping to pick the probiotics, and she also needed more vitamins. The nurse suggested Culturelle- it is the most studied. Oh, wow- for 30 packets it is like $19! Well, there is Christmas! I think we will start with these, and see how they go and then hopefully be able to find a cheaper brand.
I talked to a friend from Fallon tonight. To my shock, I found out she reads this. Thankfully skims through... honestly- I don't have a very exciting life so it is a wonder to me that someone should read this. It was lovely to catch up a bit. It is a wonderful blessing to have friends.
It is certainly different to be at mom's as opposed to Erin's- I felt it the most today. My mom was gone today shopping for a few hours, so Emily was doing dishes, and helping out... I think she was a bit overwhelmed by it all, so I got up to help out with Avi a bit more than normal- Emily said thank you- I was up again this evening, because it was getting late- past Avi's bed time- mom was just making dinner- Avi needed to start her probiotics, so I got up to give her them- Erin happened to be over and said I should lay down..the difference of understanding bed rest- and what possible affects could be of delivering early (the saying "thank you" vs. the "lay down"). Emily had also forgotten to get me lunch... I grabbed some fruit to tide me over. I felt like it is harder to stay down when left alone with Avi here- partly because if I get all the way down on the ground with her, I get rashed from the cat-carpet, and partly because Avi likes to travel up and down the steps. I am further along- 29 weeks, and am on a modified bed rest, so I guess I could test my boundaries a bit more, but it is a whole mental torture to know the should's and shouldn't's. What if this little guy comes early and ends up with mental retardation, heart problems, asthma, bad eye sight....? Just because I wanted to take care of Avi more or play with her a bit better being up... but then maybe we could be fine if I am up a bit more...what a situation...
I made- what I think are rather cute bearded hats for the trade. I need to take pictures. I really like the look- I am very curious about the fit. I hope they like them!
Kesten's family and Matt Maddox's family came over last night- they were going to carol, but Avi was already out. I can't believe I married Matt's cousin. It is such a small world. It was fun to visit. Kesten like the head band/ear warmer I made her for Christmas- I had her try it on to see if I needed to move the button, but it fit perfectly, so she ended up taking.
No Gunnar today. In a way I almost feel I mentally asked for it. Last night I was thinking how ridiculous just talking to him for 15 minutes is. I want him home. I feel done with just talking to him a bit about half the week, and that is all I get of my husband. I know, I should be grateful for that, that it is incredibly better than what was available before, and it's only about a year total, and we are about half way through, but I just can't believe it is six more months or so before he comes home. The glass is half empty.
Mom and I started watching Sherlock- the tv series on Netflix tonight. I think it will be fun to watch. There are only three episodes so far- I hope more will come out before we watch all of them.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sunday at mom's house

Avi opened a Christmas present today. An adorable sweater.... I half put it back in its wrap and put it back under the tree. I worked on some Christmas presents today :), finished the Doctrine and Covenants, ate delicious jalapeno jelly with cream cheese and crackers. Cute young men brought me the sacrament, at Erin's house it was usually the young men leaders that brought it. Avi is the queen of giving hugs and kisses. She will hold her doll and give it kisses- it is rather cute. She is beginning to get kissing her hand, but hasn't got the blowing part yet. Avi loves knocking on doors. She also loves hiding things- even if it is just putting her toy behind her back, then she puts up her hands and asks where did it go? Grabs it, and throws it back again. Today she figured out hiding her feet in between the cushions on the couch- pretty much awesome in her world. I think about half her days consist of some sort of peek-a-boo or hiding something. She loves it.
My hands, feet and lips are falling apart. They are painfully dry. My lips are cracked and bleeding.. ugh- I guess it is Utah that makes them worse! (They are normally bad, but this is painful)
I was playing with Avi in the living room, and I was leaning on my arms. My arms eventually started stinging slightly- I am still a bit  uncomfortably rashed,- I am allergic to the stupid cat! That is normally outside, but my mom and sister let her in when I am not around... uck! and ouch for me.
I got to talk to Gunnar today! Oh, happy day! I miss him so much. This is really ridiculous. I can't wait till we are done. I can't believe there are six more months- SIX!! Props to those military families that can take it in stride, I personally feel it is horrible- especially since he got to choose to leave!!
Last night to tonight Avi's poop has been more solid, she had a looser one today, but it didn't leak out and it had some thickness to it... hopefully this keeps up as we are careful with the dairy. As Avi's hair grows it seems to be becoming more and more mullet-fantastic. The back is growing- seemingly in two layers, while the top is getting a bit thicker and the sides are still short and thin... oh my baby girl... maybe when I am off bed rest we will go through the fight to teach her to keep a head band on. Have I mentioned I really love my little girl. She is a doll. How did I luck out to have such a cute sweet heart?
As I have watched the nativity and seen some pictures of it- it has made me so excited to have this little boy. There are times I feel my arms were made to hold my babies. Is there anything better? Especially as I have been on bed rest I feel I have ached to hold Avi and now I am starting to feel the longing to hold this little guy in a few months. 

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Avi with Santa Pictures

Avi at the Carbajal's Ward Christmas Party

Avi at the library in her Owl Hat

Monday, December 12, 2011

Crochet Crochet crochet

crochet, crochet, crochet... that has been my life this last week, thus no blogging. I had an order for bearded hats that was big, I thought I was putting out at a good rate, and then I started getting sick on Wednesday, and was miserable on Thursday. Lucky me the girl who ordered, messaged me on Thursday saying that she had miscounted and needed thankfully a lot less! It was my life saver! They are done and in the mail. Happy day! I hope they fit who she gives them to. I made some with a button and some without, thinking options are good. They look great when they fit right, so I hope they do! I had myself and family to try to get sizes from. I am more comfortable with having the person here and being able to custom make it to fit them.

We are still dealing with poop outs with Avi, They are less often than when she was on dairy, and her rash is looking better, but we are just not getting over crazy poop! Finally I am on the correct insurance, so on Monday I am going to call to make an appointment with a pediatrician.

After two months of wonderful care from Erin and family, Avi and I have moved to my mom's for the holidays and if things are still going well, we will are moving up to Idaho to be with Gunnar's parents for till the end of bed rest. We will miss Erin and family. They were so good to us and took such good care of us.
I had my perinatalogist visit this week. The eccobowel is less noticeable now, but that usually happens the further along... At first my cervix measured 3.7- up! but then the baby moved, and I was down to a 2.5- right on the line of safe cervix. 

Avi likes to play peek-a-boo around both sides of an object. Or if wearing an oversized hat- that will also do.
Avi loved looking at the box mom's Costco navtivity came in. When it was put on on top of the piano, it took her a day or two, but then she was excited to point that the picture on the box was now up on the piano. She is teething the upper left side. Huge poop outs this weekend- one equaled a midnight bath, the other left a poop trail as she was carried into the house- and this was through pants and a onsesie.
Monday we went to Sonja's while Sonja and Teresja made dress up skirts for the neices. Avi enjoyed the food, wandering around, trying on different hats, taking her nap, and dancing to some the music on the Bollywood movies we watched. I crocheted.
I got a package from Gunnar. Oh, the love! Merry Christmas!
Finished "Lost".

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bearded Hats!!

Okay- so here is my latest project.. I never knew these crazy things existed till one of Erin's friends on Facebook asked if I could make them- so I discovered them and have spent way to many hours making up the patterns. I think they are hilarious! They have really grown on me. I will see if the friend wants to buy them from me... I found a few things from this project- 1. making an adult hat takes so long!! wow! I hardly had the patience to do it! 2. I taught myself a new way to handle the popcorn stitch 3. children's head and women's heads are basically the same size (but the woman needs a longer hat)- while men's are a bit bigger (longer hat, wider beard)... interesting...
So yes, I think you could describe my last two days as crocheting (also working on making a pattern for a tapered head band with some zig zag for cool element :))... I listened to most of the General Relief Society broadcast from this last conference. I had forgotten that Sis. Beck said General Presidency has asked us to study the new Relief Society book... I guess I need to get on that.
I have gotten on Pinterest. Oh Trouble!! I see addiction written all over it. I will have to be careful to time myself...
Gunnar called today- and shocked me at the end of the call. Out of no where he called me gorgeous and told me he appreciates looking at me in our family picture that I framed for him so he could have it on his nightstand. I was blown away. I wanted to ask where that came from. It totally made my day. I still feel shocked...
Jennica came over tonight to give Erin and Wayne the evening off. She brought pizza and we watched "The Muppet Christmas Carol". I love that movie!! We usually watch it every year. It is really one of the best versions of the The Christmas Carol.
Teresja came over on Monday evening while Erin's  family went out. We had Indian and watched another muppet movie- it is the muppet week! Avi was so sick- she was listless. She laid on my chest and hardly moved. But very thankfully she felt better in the morning.
When Erin's family went out they went to Korean they had left overs so I have fallen in love with- Jajangmyeon. Yum!
I miss Gunnar, I am mad at Gunnar, I love Gunnar, etc... how can there be such a range and mixture of emotions for one person??

Monday, December 5, 2011

My Crocheted Hats

I am selling this one for $21

without the Butterfly $20 

Owl hats for $25

Long tailed hat for $20 0-12 month, 12 month $25

New born pattern-*

Bear Ear with Ear flaps $15 0-12 month, 12 month $20

News Boy hat 0-12 month $15, 12 month $20

Sunday, December 4, 2011

First Sunday in December!

27 weeks pregnant. 6 weeks of bed rest. If all goes well- 9 more weeks bed rest to go (well, if things go REALLY well, maybe my cervix will hold and I can get off bed rest before and be okay.... hummm...)
No Gunnar today, but he certainly has been on my mind. I went to while everyone was at church. I watched the the video about the temple in El Salvador. It was marvelous. I watched the next video on the queue, it was "Things as They Really Are". The clip is made from part of the CES by Elder Bednar. When he addresses gaming. It is a big deal to me because it is one of the biggest points of conflict in our marriage- I despise it, and Gunnar enjoys it. To me he has wasted enough of his life- I think it is time he grows up and becomes a real man. He has cut way down on his play since he married me- but I frankly have zero tolerance for it. I hate it every time.(I don't mind a group getting together to play Rock Band, or something like Wii sports...) I told him before we got married he needed to quit the games or find another girl. Yes, I know they can be entertaining, I played them for a couple of years in grade school but after that I got a life! I could keep going on about the negativity I see coming from them... Anyway, thought it was a good clip and I liked the article that related "Getting Real". I went on to find more quotes and articles on the Church website about gaming. I hope Gunnar enjoys what I share with him.
We watched the first presidency Christmas devotional tonight. It is always so lovely. I think I always need to hear the reminders to refocus on the Savior. I loved Pres. Utchdorf's use of the The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.
Avi looked so cute today! Erin dressed her in the dress she got from her dress she got from Grandma and Grandpa Nelson last year (12 month dress-we now don't roll up the sleeves to have it fit :)). She also wore a furry white coat- she looked like a doll!
Avi is so funny. We got a bag of tangerines from the Nelson's this year- Avi, though she should know better by now because she keeps doing it, still tries to eat the peel and the seeds-she will pick one up put it in her mouth and then spit it out- she is doing the same thing with bits of the paper towel she rips off of the one I put down to catch the juice she is dribbling...
This evening Jessica, the neighbor came over for a little bit. She had brought her son who is about two months older than Avi. For the first time-that I have ever seen- Avi pushed Jaxon out of the way- so she could get to the little boy to play with him. I was shocked! Jaxon pushed away!! Avi ran over to the little boy and smiled at him, maybe tried to him a kiss, and he just kind of stared back. I was thought it was rather cute.
Okay- so maybe I have been a member of the church since I was eight and I am a returned missionary- but in all that time I was not sure if the "D" in the name of the church was capitalized. I looked it up tonight- The name of the church is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Now I can start writing my tithing checks correctly :).

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Avi fun and family visit

So modified bed rest has been exciting, spending a lot more time with Avi. She loves to be chased, tickled, give and get hugs & kisses, play with yarn, my clothes, dump out the play utensils and dishes, eat the fake food, climb around the fisher price barn- mostly take the animals out of the stalls, play with my clothes and socks more, be chased around more, and play peek-a-boo.
This morning Erin took Avi to the ward Christmas party. Avi ate pancakes like crazy and cried like mad on Santa's lap- I love the pictures!! The classic screaming child. Erin said the Santa had a hard time with the crying baby scene.
Tonight Avi fell asleep on top of me, I moved the blanket down, and she scoot down so her head was at the top of my belly- it now sticks up enough to delineate into sections- and her body arching over the belly. Little brother started kicking her. Avi stirred. I bet she was wondering why mom's belly was getting uncomfortable.
I was able to sell another cocoon a girl who saw it on my classified ad on Very exciting!! I am thinking to see if anyone would want to order one of the hats I make- especially since it is Christmas time! I tried to get Avi to take pictures in her two of her hats, it is almost getting funny how many hats this girl has- and I have made more newborn sized ones for little brother...Well, I don't think any of the pictures turned out. She wanted the hats off and to go play... Erin was trying to help by entertaining her, but Avi was all over...

Mike, Liz, Sonja, and Anders visited yesterday. They had come down for a wedding. It was fun to see them. Avi was very happy to "Hi" to them, but cuddled up to me. They brought me my Christmas present- maternity clothes!! Oh, my word! I am so spoiled. I have one other maternity shirt, that Kesten gave me when I first went on bed rest... The shirts are really cute- they are the cutest shirts in my wardrobe! I think I am going to have to try to wear them even when I am not pregnant- they are soo cute! And the timing is so nice. I am getting to the point that my shirts are not long enough to cover this big boy up. And it will be nice to have something to wear to my exciting doctor's appointments- I realized I had been wearing the same thing... I feel spoiled rotten!
I finished Goose Girl last night. I basically read it yesterday, I had started Wednesday, but had not read much. I thought is was a fun read. But again I stayed up way later than I should, and when I read D&C 88:124- I realized I need to change my ways!! So with that- it is past 11 and I will try going to bed, hopefully I can actually go to sleep this early...
I have been able to talk on the phone with Gunnar for the last two days :). Yesterday he responded to my "hello Handsome" with a "hello Gorgeous"- it is nice to be called beautiful by my husband. I was looking at Avi's baby books and examined the pictures with Gunnar in. My goodness I am attracted to that handsome man... good thing we are married ;p.