Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas and 30 week appointments

Perinatologist appointment- cervix is at a about a 3!! wow!! bed rest works! So the plan was if the cervix was good I would go to Idaho, but the cord is wrapped twice around his neck- so we are going to stay here. We are going to start non-stress tests twice a week and I need to do kick counts morning, afternoon, and evening. Ecogenic bowel still there, but not really a worry. I am about 30 weeks- and the doctor said I can get off bed rest at 34!!! The end is in sight!
OB- 134 lbs, 31" belly.-the doctor felt my calf and bemoaned my pitiful no muscle state.
We went to Erin's this afternoon and had a game afternoon. We played Bananagrams, Apples to Apples, and Quirkle. It was fun to be together. We had the French hot chocolate from The Devils Food Cake mystery novel. I loved the frothiness of it!! It is something like 1 jar of Mrs. Richardson's hot fudge sauce with 3 qts milk, and mix that in with a container of wipped whipping cream....I don't know- I was on the couch, but the consistency was great- though I think I would like to switch up the chocolate...
I am working on a crocheted mermaid tail- I saw it on Pinterest and though it is for baby girl pictures- I thought it was way too cute to wait...
Christmas day. Avi wore the dress her Grandma and Grandpa Nelson gave her last year to church- she looked very cute! A man in the ward in the ward she had the cutest smile he has seen on a baby- it was her crinkled nose smile. When she got home she saw her skoot n' ride Radio Flyer rider that Grandma Dorsey got her. She was very excited- especially in a dress she had a bit of a hard time mounting, but she got it... We let her play with that for a while, and later she grabbed the blanket that was covering the elephant ball popper that I had gotten her. She didn't even notice it- she played with the blanket and the other toys in the room for about ten minutes, and then she finally saw it. She got excited and ran over to it and got excited for me to take it out. I had pulled a Christmas classic, in forgetting to check if it needed batteries... so we got it out, she like the balls that came with, but she knew that it was suppose to do something more than just sit there-later thankfully Grandma realized she had some batteries that would fit in a lantern. I think Aliea and Jaxon have thought it cooler then Avi does, but I think it is awesome, and she has fun with it.
The family got here about four, we were suppose to have dinner, but it was running late. Gunnar had said he would be able to skype starting around five or six. So I installed a camera on my laptop and set up a skype account Christmas eve. Around four I turned skype and started to wait for Gunnar. About two hours later, dinner still not ready and no Gunnar. So I checked my Facebook- again I must have checked my Facebook right before Gunnar got on, because there was a message from him that was two hours old! He was not on line- my heart broke. I started to cry- I checked to see if he had at least written me an e-mail- nope. I had missed him! But it turned out, he was still on! We couldn't get my skype to work- so we messaged, then we got my mom's to work, and I could hear him, but he couldn't hear me- but at least I got to see him!! What a handsome guy! I have to admit between thinking I missed him, and I had Braxton Hicks for about an hour or so that day- so I was a bit nervous- well, my emotions were gone- I basically cried for most the call... lucky Gunnar!
Dinner was done about the time I started skyping with Gunnar, so I ate after. My favorites were the steamed pork buns, Kim Pop, and the pagogi- Yum!
We then started opening presents! Wow, what a late night for Avi! But she did really well considering. She did better than I thought opening presents. She didn't get too caught up on what she had unwrapped, but moved onto the next present pretty well. She got a blow up wand from her cousin Emmi- and it was so funny- I blew it up for her- I think because I had put it to my mouth, she thought it belonged in her mouth. She happily ate at it till she found a present that could distract her enough! Everyone was so kind in gift giving. I feel so blessed and spoiled.
Christmas Eve, we watched the new "Christmas Carol" with Jim Carey- oh my word it is so scary!! I had forgotten! It is not suitable for children! I don't know why they made it dark and disturbing!
Earlier- Avi and I played with the nativity- telling the Christmas story simply- she also got it at bed time.
I wrapped my last present, worked on something for Gunnar, played with Avi....

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