Saturday, December 3, 2011

Avi fun and family visit

So modified bed rest has been exciting, spending a lot more time with Avi. She loves to be chased, tickled, give and get hugs & kisses, play with yarn, my clothes, dump out the play utensils and dishes, eat the fake food, climb around the fisher price barn- mostly take the animals out of the stalls, play with my clothes and socks more, be chased around more, and play peek-a-boo.
This morning Erin took Avi to the ward Christmas party. Avi ate pancakes like crazy and cried like mad on Santa's lap- I love the pictures!! The classic screaming child. Erin said the Santa had a hard time with the crying baby scene.
Tonight Avi fell asleep on top of me, I moved the blanket down, and she scoot down so her head was at the top of my belly- it now sticks up enough to delineate into sections- and her body arching over the belly. Little brother started kicking her. Avi stirred. I bet she was wondering why mom's belly was getting uncomfortable.
I was able to sell another cocoon a girl who saw it on my classified ad on Very exciting!! I am thinking to see if anyone would want to order one of the hats I make- especially since it is Christmas time! I tried to get Avi to take pictures in her two of her hats, it is almost getting funny how many hats this girl has- and I have made more newborn sized ones for little brother...Well, I don't think any of the pictures turned out. She wanted the hats off and to go play... Erin was trying to help by entertaining her, but Avi was all over...

Mike, Liz, Sonja, and Anders visited yesterday. They had come down for a wedding. It was fun to see them. Avi was very happy to "Hi" to them, but cuddled up to me. They brought me my Christmas present- maternity clothes!! Oh, my word! I am so spoiled. I have one other maternity shirt, that Kesten gave me when I first went on bed rest... The shirts are really cute- they are the cutest shirts in my wardrobe! I think I am going to have to try to wear them even when I am not pregnant- they are soo cute! And the timing is so nice. I am getting to the point that my shirts are not long enough to cover this big boy up. And it will be nice to have something to wear to my exciting doctor's appointments- I realized I had been wearing the same thing... I feel spoiled rotten!
I finished Goose Girl last night. I basically read it yesterday, I had started Wednesday, but had not read much. I thought is was a fun read. But again I stayed up way later than I should, and when I read D&C 88:124- I realized I need to change my ways!! So with that- it is past 11 and I will try going to bed, hopefully I can actually go to sleep this early...
I have been able to talk on the phone with Gunnar for the last two days :). Yesterday he responded to my "hello Handsome" with a "hello Gorgeous"- it is nice to be called beautiful by my husband. I was looking at Avi's baby books and examined the pictures with Gunnar in. My goodness I am attracted to that handsome man... good thing we are married ;p.

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