Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Some names and NST

We were able to skype with Gunnar for over an hour yesterday, but I don't quite know how much of that time was actually spent skyping, because we kept loosing connection, but Gunnar read through names and suggested some
  • Bastion, Damitrios, Gavin, Gideon, Olin, Micah, Paxton, and Horatio
  • He was also thinking of middle names, Maddox, and Dale, to connect him to his mother's line

    Though I was able to see Gunnar, I was extremely depressed yesterday. Mom was so sweet when she came home, I was in my room, she came in and asked if there was anything she could do. She took out my trash and she and Em took Avi shopping. It was just what I needed- some time to just be depressed, I was feeling better after a while just lying there.
    Today I had a non-stress test. I had come contractions, which I was feeling, but they were irregular and not too bad, so they sent me home, and said to watch for if they got bigger and and regular. I had them for a few more hours, but thankfully they stopped. I am curious to see if I dilated...
    Avi made friends with the sister that came to help out today. At first Avi cried and cried to have a stranger here again, but then she had some lunch and the sister gave her cheerios, and after that, best buds. I had to leave to my appointment before Avi went down for her nap. It was hard for me to leave her in a 'stranger's' hands, but the sister said she went down well! The sister was able to stay for when she woke up- and Avi was happy to have her get her out of bed and to show the sister how she can dance, a little.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Avi's Schedule

So realizing the baby might come soon, and there is a possibility that a family member would not be able to take Avi when I go to the hospital I wrote up her schedule...
Avi dressed for the outdoors, for some reason, she believes the strap for her hat belongs in her mouth...
Avi's Schedule

Avi is Lactose Intolerant- DO NOT give her regular milk or cheese!!! (yogurt is okay)

Somewhere from 7:30- 8:30 
she wakes up
Diaper change
short morning prayer
mix granola with 1/4-1/2 banana, whole Lactase milk and heat in glass bowl (in large cupboard by sink)  for 1 min 30 secs- pull out, stir, move to little plastic bowl.- make sure cereal has cooled properly.
There should be a sippy cup with milk in the fridge, if not offer water sippy cup.
*can mix in yogurt, berries, &/or cheerios (located above the cupboards, to the left of the stove) into granola mix
**Bibs and Paper towels are on the counter by the fridge, wet towel with warm water, and good luck getting her cleaned off :)
***clean high chair tray so it will be ready for later
**** I like to read her a few verses of scripture while she eats
***** She will sometimes fold her arms for a second to say a prayer for a meal, but it does not last, just say it :).

Her toothbrush should be on the bathroom counter, it is blue and white with a suction bottom. Her tooth paste is in a travel toothpaste container- Kid's Crest- use small amount, she does not know how to spit yet. She likes to brush her own teeth, but hates to have hers brushes, just let her do her own.

first door on the left up stairs, is our room. Just in side is a three drawer tupperware container that has her clothes. Top drawer= Tops, middle drawer= pants, bottom drawer= socks, etc.

10:30 or 11 Snack- Choose one-
-some orange slices (peeled & cut in half)
-piece of wheat bread with peanut butter (use creamy peanut butter)
-yogurt (the YOBABY green containers) *I like to add rice cereal to thicken- put half  of yogurt in a plastic add abt 2 TBLSP and mix
-baby meat sticks ( give her one at a time)
-banana *can have it with peanut butter
-humus with chips
-apple cut and peeled, softened in microwave 30 sec-1 min
-applesauce *I like to add rice cereal to this as well

12:30 Lunch
-She LOVES eggs- we usually do a little omelet- finely chopped veggies (no tomatoes), with two eggs *do not mix in regular milk or cheese.
-If there is left over pasta and sauce
-there are sweet potato fries in the freezer *they do not take the recommended 20 mins
- lunch meat (heat for about 30 sec in microwave and cut up) and a grain and fruit
-any snack ideas

1:00 Nap

make sure she has a clean diaper
with lights out, sing her two songs, put her in her bed
* she will not let you put a blanket over her usually, and she will cry. Leave the room, close the door and be quiet. She will settle down.
** if she stirs before 2:30 don't get her unless she cries for more than 5 minutes

2:30-3:30 Wake up
-change diaper
-offer small snack

5:30 Dinner
- make some ham fried rice (add ham and rice to the omelet)
- any of the above snack or meal ideas, if she has not had yogurt and supplements yet- then add pro-biotic capsule (Culturelle in box) to tsp of yogurt, feed it to her, then rest of container, 1 DROP flouride, 1 ml vitamins

6:30 Bed time
- brush teeth, I have to pin her down... *I have found the trick! I let her brush my teeth while I brush hers, we also use a flosser to floss her teeth, since they are rather tight esp. on the bottom.
- diaper change
- pajamas are in the three tupperware container in the closet, bottom drawer
- read 2-3 books
- say a prayer
- tell short scripture story
- turn out lights, sing 2-3 songs, put into bed *she will cry, leave, close the door, turn off lights up stairs, be quiet, she will settle down.

*we try to keep a sippy cup of water available for her at all times
** I do not give her sugar- so no fruit snacks, syrup, and all other obvious sugary treats
***If weather permitting, she LOVES to go outside. Her coat is in the coat closet- it is a dark pink with hearts, her boots (which are black) are also in there, or she has pink and white sneakers. There are hats in the red basket by the love seat. You will have a hard time getting her coat and hat off when you come back in. Mittens if not in coat pockets are dirty- use a pair of socks to cover her hands.
****Of course check diaper more than indicated on schedule :)

Friday, January 27, 2012

Aaahhh pregnancy

Non-stress today- the baby didn't have a heart acceleration as high as they would like, but the doctor reviewed it, and said it was okay. Cord still around the neck.
So TMI- yesterday I had an increase in discharge and it seemed really watery. I forgot to tell the doctor about it, so when I called to reschedule an appointment, I left  a message, just in case. The nurse called me today and said, either I peed without knowing it- thank you pregnancy- or my amniotic fluid is leaking and after 24 hours my baby is at risk for infection. I have been nervously smelling my pants trying to figure out if it is pee or not... but I have not discharged like I did yesterday, so I think it is okay. Probably just pregnancy discharge fun.
I asked the nurse what my effacement was- 80%. Wow. Thankfully Gunnar called today and I asked him how quickly he could get home. I am guessing if bed rest does the trick to get us through this next week, I am thinking this baby will come within the two weeks after. - hopefully in three weeks- let's get to 37 weeks- full term! He said he would get to work on his paper work and talk to the people over leave, hopefully he can come soon. It would be nice to have him here for the birth.
Today Sonja came to help. She is so nice to help out! She took Avi outside to play- happy day! To get her ready she got some socks to put on and Avi would not let her put them on her feet. She wanted them on her hands. Sonja was telling her that it was a silly of her to want her socks on her hands- since they go on your feet, but I had to interrupt to let Sonja know- that when we can't find Avi's mittens, we put socks on her hands. It was rather cute of Avi. She had her socks and mittens on to go outside today, and was reluctant to have them taken off when she came back in- it is always hard to get her to remove her coat and hat... she loves to go out.
The star  stacker toy and the exercise ball have been the hit toys of the day- what wild bouncing times Avi had with her Aunt Sonja!!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

OB 34= back to bed rest

So, being off bed rest was very fun- I got the laundry caught up, went outside with Avi, cleaned the grout in my mom's bathroom- by the way- best way ever to clean grout- is baking soda and peroxide- I wish I had taken before and after pictures- it was amazing, and hardly had to scrub, this morning I did salt and peroxide to clean the toilet bowl- since Avi dumped out the baking soda yesterday... and it worked as well as any toilet bowl cleaner I have ever used- minus the horrible chemical smell of a regular toilet bowl cleaner! gave Avi a bath, danced with her, let her sleep in my bed, carried her around a little bit, washed her hands, chased her around, it was such fun!
But I guess I was having too much fun... I had my 34 week OB appointment today. I have been debating this week if I should ask for a cervical check and I realized yesterday it would be a good idea, since if there was anything of note I could tell Gunnar to hopefully try to come home earlier-he is so convinced that I am going to make it at least to 39 weeks... so I asked, and they said that would be fine, since it was the strep B test today anyway... Well, checked I am about 3 cm dilated and cervix around 1 cm (how does a doctor tell that?)... anyway back on bed rest to try to get this baby past 36 weeks. HUMPH! I hope we make it. I really do not want have him end up  in the NICU- I just want a healthy strong baby to take home after delivery.
Well, no doubt about it, this is two for two- I am on bed rest, my cervix holds perfectly, I get off bed rest and it changes. Where are those doctors who do the bed rest studies and say it doesn't make a difference?? I hope a cerclage will make a difference in the next pregnancy-a.k.a no bed rest... not being able to take care of your children for a couple of months is unacceptable. If this keeps up our family size is limited.
Gunnar actually left me a Facebook message! this is third he has left me in the time he has been gone..(about four months since the last message left). It was very sweet and good of him. I have been hounding him for months now to write me letter, I am getting desperate for some hubby love- so I resorted to say- just leave me a note of Facebook, or shoot me an e-mail- I sometimes need more than an hour total of my husband per week.  Is it bad, though he is very sweet and loving in his message, that I almost take it all with a grain of salt-- ya sure you love me oh so very much, but you can't write me a stupid letter???...even when I am stuck on bed rest??! ah, maybe we will have some issues to work through... well, throw them onto the pile- it is going to be party when he gets back.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Gunnar lost his ring!

Erin made me baked hot chocolate to celebrate being off bed rest!! Oh, wow!! it is just sooo good!
I took Avi out for a few minutes today. It was so cute to take her out. She was so happy. She is so good at kicking around ball. She went the slide several times, ran around adventuring, and eventually face planting into the mud- so we came in and she took a bath.
Emily tried on my wedding dress. She looked beautiful, but needed some major adjustments, and she already had her heart set on a dress at Alysse's, so tonight she went and picked it up!! Ah! My little sister!!
Gunnar called today! He informed me he lost his wedding ring!! ah! He was throwing snowballs... he has hope of finding it, but I feel more pessimistic.
So yesterday I did my hair from a way I learned on line, and well, it looked fantastic this morning too, a bit of a brush and tease, and I was amazed. I did put it half up, because I wanted to try out a different style, it didn't look as amazing, but I am still amazed by the curl holding- I have such straight hair..
Avi and chased each other around today- it was so fun and cute, but I feel like with all we did together- I feel like a did too much today...
Avi had a poop out, but it was her only poop for the day, but very loose. She also has a reduced appetite- she had the HUGE breakfast on Saturday and hasn't eaten very much since- well, tonight I tried feeding her again, with more success with cheerios and yogurt with rice cereal- she had seconds!- the seconds I did the lactose free milk and added rice cereal.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday- 34 weeks

Mom made german pancakes this morning- oh I am so loved! they are sooo good. I think if I had my way I would have them everyday this week!
I showered, got ready for church, got Avi ready for church and amazing was still feeling okay(given I had over three hours to do so- ya for 11:30 church)! I thought maybe I might be able to stay for all of church, but then we got to church. I was exhausted by the walk to the chapel. Then came the sitting in the bench. I felt sick and uncomfortable. I was a little scared I was going to get more sick and end up like I did with Avi- the whole fainting and throwing up disaster, but it didn't get too bad. Avi is such a busy child- mom earns like 50 points for taking her to church by herself the last few weeks!!
I came home after sacrament and fell asleep on the couch. to my shock- I had slept two hours! I had been exhausted. So I didn't have to wait long for the family to get back. Avi was so tired, she had a snack and didn't cry when I put her down. She woke up with a wailing cry not very long after I put her down. I went in to see if I held her if she would go back to sleep. We sat in the glider and she laid her head on my not so little belly. We sat for a bit and she just laid there, but didn't go back to sleep, so we got up and had dinner.
Oh, Avi still loves humus. It has been a long time since we had some, and I forgot that she liked it, but it was a great snack for her today.
Avi has taken up twirling. She likes to spin around and around till she gets dizzy and falls down, then she gets back up and tries to spin some more. She also getting to know songs better. I was singing "Popcorn Popping" and she was slightly doing the actions with me, and she knew to point to her nose after I 'made' my 'popcorn ball'- that would smell so sweet... Tonight when I was reading her books for bed time, there was a jungle book- she was asking what the different animals were on the picture (it is so cute because she slurs together "What is that?" into one word). When I responded one was a spider- she started doing the motion for the "Itsy Bitsy Spider"- which now also her 'sign' for singing a song.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

First day off bed rest

First day off of bed rest. I got Avi out of bed! It is amazing how lovely it feels to hold Avi in my arms. I swept the floor, and helped get some breakfast- and that exhausted me for the rest of the morning...
Avi loves to climb up on chairs! I have kept my laptop on chair by the couch to work on it, but Avi recently has taken to trying to remove it so she can sit on the chair, so I am keeping the laptop under the couch, when not in use and on my lap when using it.
Mom Emily and the girls went wedding dress shopping for Emily!! What madness! Jenn sent me a picture on the phone- Emily looked beautiful! I can't believe this is really happening.
I did some laundry, made lunch and dinner- big day for me!
I talked to Gunnar today. I told him that mom had made pancakes this morning, and that Avi ate more than I did (almost double!!). He asked if I put buttermilk syrup on them for her. What a silly guy! I asked if he remembered who I was, that I like to have a healthy child, and when would I have made it?? She had peanut butter, apple sauce, and some peaches with her pancakes. Silly man! and the poor kid is dealing with a lactose intolerance anyway... it made me nervous for when he comes back... is he going to fill my poor baby with sweets and dairy?? What is he going to do our schedule? I usually miss him so much, but there are times when the thought of him coming home makes me nervous.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Last day of bed rest!!!!

The last day of bed rest. Wow. I will be 34 weeks tomorrow. Gunnar called me today and asked me what I was going to do to celebrate getting off- if I would go out to eat... I laughed a little and said I was going to lift Avi out of bed, etc... That the thought of going out to eat sounded crazy- maybe in two weeks. Let's get to 36 weeks before going really crazy.
I was thinking about what bed rest has produced this time around-
approximately 39 crocheted hats (lets see-
2 bear-slightly altered pattern,
4 bear ear-slightly altered pattern,
3 shelled- altered pattern,
1 bee-made pattern,
3 owl- made pattern,
1 cable owl- made pattern,
1 cable whale- made pattern,
1 news boy,
1 long tailed or elf,
13 simple beard- made pattern,
4 puffy beard- made pattern,
4 plain,
1 dino...have I forgotten any??) -,

4-5  finished baby cocoons-had made pattern,
3 crochet headband ear warmers- slightly altered pattern,
1 mermaid tail with sea shells top- made pattern- and  I am super proud,
1 tooshie cover- made pattern
1 turtle shell-made pattern,
1  turtle toy (from my first attempt of making the photo prop shell)- slightly altered pattern,
I learned how to knit (the magic was solved)- and I made a knitted headband- though it does keep magically stretching on me... but it was my first completed knitted projected ever!!!
(learned -magic circle, half double decrease, crocodile, cable, puff, knit, purl- increases and decreases)

I have read
4  of the  the Work and the Glory- started the 5th
Secret Life of Bees
The Giver
Christmas Carol
Goose Girl
The Doctrine and Covenants
Half of The Book of Mormon
and...Oh, goodness I am pretty sure I am forgetting one...or two

My back hurts, I have no muscle, I easily get sick. I am hoping to get stronger by the end of my pregnancy- kind of funny- I thought it was suppose to get harder at the end :).
I had a non-stess today, some difficulty in always picking up the heart beat and I had some small contractions, but nothing to worry about. I finished the turtle toy- and Avi loves it- it got lots of hugs today. It is pretty quirky looking, but hey- it is my first time adventuring into crochet toy land- so it can hopefully be forgiven. I was thinking it would be cute in the picture with the baby in his shell. I will have to add pictures, this sounds odd without pictures.
A favorite game with Avi has been to sit on the floor, throw my arms up in the air and excitedly call for Avi- she runs to me and I give her a big hug!! and then send her away, after she has gone a few feet- I tell her turn around and come back- again throw my arms in the air.... we do this again and again and I love it!
I miss Gunnar.  

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I had a non-stress today. Apparently this little guy enjoyed the french toast breakfast- he was so busy! The doctor commented that I was getting 'beat up'. So happy day for things to be looking well.
Mom brought home some Play Dough the other day. Avi is in love! She played with it four times today, and normally fusses when it is time to put it away. She is so cute sitting at the table- she likes to swing her legs around in the big kitchen chair- swishing them back and forth.
Sonja helped out today. Lucky Avi got to go outside twice with her! Of course as she was out she mostly just chased the cat around.
Today Avi has really mastered walking up the stairs. She did it with no problem twice as we went up for bed- yes, we had to go up twice :). She is just looking older. I think her legs are longer, the seem to reach better on her scoot and ride toy.
This evening we had fun pounding on mom's exercise ball and peering at each other through it and around it. Then we played with the blanket- rolling her in it to make a bundle and then laying it out, putting balls on it and flapping them off. Her favorite books right now are a Peek-a-boo baby book, the Little Biddle books, and The Little Fat Policeman- she now likes to hold her hand up to say 'stop' to the cars in the book like the police man. She is sometimes able to answer that a dog says "ruff". She can flap her arms and look up when told. She is pro at signing "Thank you", but "love" is basically impossible to decipher from her arms being folded for prayer- so sometimes I say an extra prayer, and sometimes maybe I have missed some...
She loves yogurt- we mix it with rice cereal to give it some more bulk. She likes those little baby meat sticks, fruit- even dates! and of course bread!! She only likes to drink water.
Gunnar suggested a name for the baby!! I was shocked and pleasantly surprised that he was able to come up with a name. He has been reading The Count of Monte Crisco so he suggested the name, Edmund. I told him I was glad he suggested a name... somehow he picked up that I was not a fan of the name, but I was just so glad he even suggested one.
Trying to learn how to knit today- I learned in college, but right now it feels like a magic trick. It was not suppose to be this difficult to relearn it.
Three days of bed rest to go.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Aunt help

The non stress test went well on Friday. Teresja came over to help. She was great! She did laundry, dishes, brought the movie "The Help" (I was a horrible person to watch it with- the whole time I was commenting how it was similar or different from the book, but I really enjoyed watching it). She took Avi outside! and trouble- introduced me to a Koren romantic comedy- and I only have one more week of bed rest left! :) I was a little nervous to leave Avi with Teresja because Avi has had such a difficult time with the sisters from the ward, but thankfully, Avi remembered her well enough that they had fun when I left for my appointment.
Avi found the great game of throwing her links down the stairs- she thought it was very exciting! She also is loving it when I, or she is druming my lips- if I speed it up and raise the pitch- she thinks it is hilarious. She seems constantly hungry today- I hope she is having a growth spurt.
I am sick every morning- I thought it was just a matter of being up more- I found out today, that being up makes it worse, but I think it is just a pregnancy thing.. I am just lucky it is not too bad. so far. Today it lasted longer. It has been most the day, maybe it was too many sweets yesterday.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

OB appointment 32

Yes, I have three appointments this week. I had my second today- OB/GYN. I have gained about a pound. I am now about 135. My belly is 32 inches-right on- but I swear they are measuring incorrectly, it feels like it is much bigger :)!! My little guy's heart beat was good. The doctor encouraged me to slowly but surely increase my activity level.
Avi's two favorite new activities- one is to get a tissue and blow her nose, I have to watch her- A. to keep her from using all the tissue, and B. she usually ends up tearing up and eating the current tissue- thankfully she at least comes to me and sticks out her tongue to get the tissue out. Her second activity started by her getting a baby wipe and wiping her hands with it, and then now she loves to get them or towels and wipe the table, chair, or floor. She it rather cute while doing it, but it really makes me cringe when she changes from rubbing the floor with a cloth and pops it over her head to play peek-a-boo.
We had our second sister from the ward come help today with lunch and nap time. Our ward has such nice women in it! Avi again did not handle being picked up by a stranger well... Thankfully family can help out for the rest of bed rest.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Perinatalogy week 32

Went to the perinatologist today. So the cord IS wrapped around the neck- the last appointment, the ultrasound machine they used is not as good as the one they used today- maybe it unwrapped and wrapped again, but I doubt it. His right kidney is showing dilation again. But he is measuring ahead! He is over four pounds. His head is measuring 35-35 weeks- big head! Cervix is looking awesome- 2.5-3ish. So back to non-stress tests twice a week, but things are looking good.
Had a sister from the ward come help out with lunch, nap time, and to be in the house as I was at my appointment- she was so sweet, but Avi was not happy to be held by a stranger...

Monday, January 9, 2012

Not much

Humm... What to write about? Erin came by to help out today, it was fun to chat and to have Avi and Jaxon play together.
As for me, I feel like crochet and pinterest could sum up my last few days- seriously addicted! I am bent on learning how to knit- I think for the most part knit can produce more beautiful things...
So perhaps Gunnar's rate on paying me a compliment came out- and well, he is doing much better- and I am- embarrassed, but loving. He very nicely told me he thought me beautiful a few days ago- and well, I have been much happier with my marriage for the last few days... I mean sometimes I don't really believe what he says- sometimes he'll say a cute or sweet thing, but I know it perhaps not fully the case... but hey! He loves me! Jump for joy!
My little sister is engaged- holy cow! Who lets these things happen? When did they start letting babies (aka 19 year olds) get married?
So two more weeks of bed rest left. I am looking forward to holding Avi, going outside, doing my laundry, showering at least every other day- and in four weeks- I'll risk a bath! Maybe I'll even get to do one of the many sewing projects I have found on Pinterest...
I am so weak. I am bit nervous about getting off. This morning we had the delight of finding one of the straps on Avi's diapers was undone and she had wet and poop leaked down into one of her footsies of her pajamas. Emily had gotten up to pick her up out of her bed to hand her to me, and then had gone back to bed. I cleaned her up and got the bath running, and had to get Emily again to put her in... anyway, it kind of kept going like that- I made Avi's breakfast and gave it to her, got mine... well by the time Emily left, and Avi and I were fed and Avi dressed (I didn't get done till this evening...) well, I felt sick and exhausted- and I never even lifted Avi. I am nervous when I get off I'll be taking care of Avi and end up fainting and throwing up like I did last time I got off...

Friday, January 6, 2012


Gunnar's mom came with me to my non-stress test today. It was fun for her to see baby boy, and nice to chat. The perinatalogist came in after, and did a bit more ultra-sound- to show that prayers answered, the cord has unwrapped!! Two more weeks of bed rest left and a no cord around the neck- things are looking up. Something else that I love- is the perinatalogist was telling me she and 11 or 12 other specialist across the nation are doing a big study on cervical changes/lengths... since there really isn't much research on it.It is about time!!
We talked about the stats- really there is a two out of three chance that I would just make it to full term okay- but I am sorry I hate the one out of three chance that I would not- so I would rather make sure my babies make it here safe and sound- no matter the sacrifice. It is crazy to me that some doctors would rather have you take the risk- sorry, loosing your baby or having them end up with complications that could affect the rest of their and your life- really- a couple of weeks in bed- though extremely painful, I think is totally worth it.
Today I turned on toddler radio on Pandora- and Avi and I danced- you can imagine it was really cool- from crawling around and laying down kicking our legs around. Avi also got her baby doll out and danced around with her- it was so cute!
I couldn't believe it- today Gunnar called! We got to skype yesterday and talk today!! Wow! so much communication with my hub. Have I mentioned he should never be allowed to travel without me again....
I made a shell hat for Avi to go with her adorable skirts and accessories that Alicia made- Avi does not keep a head band on- the hats inside are not the best either, but better than headbands, so I made the hat so she can wear the cute flower accessories- now I just need to figure out a top for her to complete the outfit- and have my camera- it went to Florida with Jennica (Jen, did leave me hers, but it only holds charge in its battery for a day, and well, Em I think went to go plug it in, and I don't know what has happened since...-seems to be the story of my bed rest life)
I put my wedding ring back on today. It seems to fit a bit better- maybe- it fell off once while I was playing with Avi. I guess I need to be pregnant longer so my fingers can get bigger. te he he...

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Gunnar and 2 Grandmas day

Avi head butted me last night- I usually lay with her for while I sing some lullaby's to her- and now I looked like a battered woman- lucky for Gunnar he is in Afghanistan- or else he might be investigated for domestic violence. 
Liz came down for a visit. She very nicely praised my crochet work and brought us some Christmas presents! What spoilment! some more maternity clothes for me! YA! I have to admit sometimes laundry gets lost-- I have not seen two of the tops they gave me in and maybe some pants... sometimes it is hard to not be able to take care of yourself! but ya! for new clothes to hopefully not get lost in the laundry... and that will actually fit around this HUGE belly!! since more and more nothing is long enough!
Avi got some clothes, some really cute wheely animals- animals on wheels- genius! and a fun book. It was so nice of them!
I think Avi really enjoyed having her grandma here, and was happy to see Grandma Dorsey home too! What a lucky girl two grandmas in one day!!
Avi got to go outside twice today!! Oh, happy day! Emily took her, and then Liz. I love it when she gets out. I think it is important especially for kids to get out- and maybe I was a little jealous!
We got to talk to Gunnar today!! Skype!! woo hoo! He had the day off- I think it was his first. He was working on getting a book or two onto the Kindle. We got to show him Avi can slightly do the motions to "Itsy Bisty Spider", answer her age- a cute little one finger, find her nose, toes, mouth, belly, sometimes cheeks and chin- those get confused, as well as ears and eyes. We made faces and went 'roar' together... What a fun baby I have!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Some Christmas photos

Grandkids with Grandma

Cousins with Uncle Warren

Jaxon and Aliea with Avi and me.
Avi got some great books from Grandma Dorsey

Family picture

Serious Family
Avi got new purse.

A present!

super exciting picture- but it had Avi!
Avi with her present from the Carbajals

Avi's favorite thing about her purse- the change holder

The girls in the scarfs that Gunnar sent.

Opening a present.

Pediatrician visit

Went to the Pediatrician today. Avi is 20 lbs and 30 in long. mighty girl in the 8th % for weight and 12th I think for height. Trying to figure out the diaper issues-after a 5 diaper leak out yesterday- but she was trying the Parents Choice brand- never again! We are returning the box. Yes, it was understandable on a few, but there were two that should not have been leak outs...
We need to upgrade her probiotics to capsules, put more fat and calcium in her diet, less fruit, and see how that goes. She is eating broccoli like a champ :). She even had some pork roast today! The doctor said there can't be anything seriously wrong- she is way to active and happy- I agree. Yes, she does have geographic tongue.
Today Erin and Jaxon came over. Avi put on Jaxon's owl hat and walked around the house- we think she could see slightly through the holes between the stitches, but she kept knocking into something eventually- she loved it though... crazy kid! She had such fun with Jaxon- beside walking blind in his hat. I love that she can play with her cousins.
I am starting to teach Avi to sign "I love you" in ASL- the long version. She kind of did it once today.
Avi loves to brush her teeth, but hates having them brushed. She loves to look at books, carry bags around, and lately has been trying to walk down the stairs- thankfully it is not all the time!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

The first day of 2012! I have to admit, I don't feel much excitement. I think the novelty of birthdays and new years wear off as I experience more of them.. Maybe I am just a scrooge.
Last night we went over to Erin's for dinner, treats, and games. We played Catch Phrase and Imaginiff. They were very fun. We toasted to the new year at 9. I had planned on letting Avi stay up later, but I think she ate something wrong the day before- she had some crazy diapers, was tired a bit grumpy yesterday- so she was put down at the regular time. When we got home I was letting her sleep with me, but she was not sleeping well- I would call mom to come get her- and she would immediately snuggle in- and settle down- it was funny how fast she could settle. Midnight hit and the noise of fireworks woke her, she was taking too long to go back down, so I did eventually have mom come and put her in her own bed, and we both slept much better as a result.
The last couple of days I am waking up not feeling well- I think one of my New Year's resolutions needs to be to not eat at night- especially treats.... well, at least to not eat too many :).
Avi went to Nursery today!! She is month off, but they let her in. Mom said she just took her for Relief Society. She reported that she cried a little, but after that played really well! Her favorite toys- that she had to show grandma when she picked her up- were a shopping cart that she got to push around and the play kitchen. She also colored some pictures. The funny thing is that when I first had her, I thought I was going to delay putting her into nursery, but this morning, when mom was asking if she really should take her- since church cuts into her nap time- I urged her to see if nursery would let her come in, hoping Avi would be so excited about the toys and kids so she wouldn't be too hard for mom. Avi came home beaming! I think she really had a great time.
Another wonderful Avi thing of today- she ate some potato and broccoli!! Vegetables!
I spoke too quickly about Avi's diapers being okay- the day I wrote about it- poop outs started again- humph. I'll give a day or two more and then I think I should call her pediatrician. At least today she was happy...
Today mom brought me the new study manuals for Sunday school and Relief Society. I read the first lesson out of the teachings of George Albert Smith. I think what impressed me most was a story of a man who lived in Utah. He was not a member of the church. He remarked that for years he had neighbors that were members, but they seemed no better or different than those that were not. It goes on to say, that that is a shame. If we, as members are not better, it is time for reform. We have the teachings of the Savior. We must really be living them- making us different. I have much to improve.
So ten weeks of bed rest done. Three to go. I feel like I am ready to be there, can I please just skip ahead?
I am also ten weeks free of looking at split ends.