Friday, January 6, 2012


Gunnar's mom came with me to my non-stress test today. It was fun for her to see baby boy, and nice to chat. The perinatalogist came in after, and did a bit more ultra-sound- to show that prayers answered, the cord has unwrapped!! Two more weeks of bed rest left and a no cord around the neck- things are looking up. Something else that I love- is the perinatalogist was telling me she and 11 or 12 other specialist across the nation are doing a big study on cervical changes/lengths... since there really isn't much research on it.It is about time!!
We talked about the stats- really there is a two out of three chance that I would just make it to full term okay- but I am sorry I hate the one out of three chance that I would not- so I would rather make sure my babies make it here safe and sound- no matter the sacrifice. It is crazy to me that some doctors would rather have you take the risk- sorry, loosing your baby or having them end up with complications that could affect the rest of their and your life- really- a couple of weeks in bed- though extremely painful, I think is totally worth it.
Today I turned on toddler radio on Pandora- and Avi and I danced- you can imagine it was really cool- from crawling around and laying down kicking our legs around. Avi also got her baby doll out and danced around with her- it was so cute!
I couldn't believe it- today Gunnar called! We got to skype yesterday and talk today!! Wow! so much communication with my hub. Have I mentioned he should never be allowed to travel without me again....
I made a shell hat for Avi to go with her adorable skirts and accessories that Alicia made- Avi does not keep a head band on- the hats inside are not the best either, but better than headbands, so I made the hat so she can wear the cute flower accessories- now I just need to figure out a top for her to complete the outfit- and have my camera- it went to Florida with Jennica (Jen, did leave me hers, but it only holds charge in its battery for a day, and well, Em I think went to go plug it in, and I don't know what has happened since...-seems to be the story of my bed rest life)
I put my wedding ring back on today. It seems to fit a bit better- maybe- it fell off once while I was playing with Avi. I guess I need to be pregnant longer so my fingers can get bigger. te he he...

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