Monday, January 23, 2012

Gunnar lost his ring!

Erin made me baked hot chocolate to celebrate being off bed rest!! Oh, wow!! it is just sooo good!
I took Avi out for a few minutes today. It was so cute to take her out. She was so happy. She is so good at kicking around ball. She went the slide several times, ran around adventuring, and eventually face planting into the mud- so we came in and she took a bath.
Emily tried on my wedding dress. She looked beautiful, but needed some major adjustments, and she already had her heart set on a dress at Alysse's, so tonight she went and picked it up!! Ah! My little sister!!
Gunnar called today! He informed me he lost his wedding ring!! ah! He was throwing snowballs... he has hope of finding it, but I feel more pessimistic.
So yesterday I did my hair from a way I learned on line, and well, it looked fantastic this morning too, a bit of a brush and tease, and I was amazed. I did put it half up, because I wanted to try out a different style, it didn't look as amazing, but I am still amazed by the curl holding- I have such straight hair..
Avi and chased each other around today- it was so fun and cute, but I feel like with all we did together- I feel like a did too much today...
Avi had a poop out, but it was her only poop for the day, but very loose. She also has a reduced appetite- she had the HUGE breakfast on Saturday and hasn't eaten very much since- well, tonight I tried feeding her again, with more success with cheerios and yogurt with rice cereal- she had seconds!- the seconds I did the lactose free milk and added rice cereal.

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  1. Trevor lost his ring last winter too! But we found it when the snow melted. We got lucky because we thought it was gone forever, and then one sunny day his brother found it shining in the yard! Good luck finding it!