Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Pediatrician visit

Went to the Pediatrician today. Avi is 20 lbs and 30 in long. mighty girl in the 8th % for weight and 12th I think for height. Trying to figure out the diaper issues-after a 5 diaper leak out yesterday- but she was trying the Parents Choice brand- never again! We are returning the box. Yes, it was understandable on a few, but there were two that should not have been leak outs...
We need to upgrade her probiotics to capsules, put more fat and calcium in her diet, less fruit, and see how that goes. She is eating broccoli like a champ :). She even had some pork roast today! The doctor said there can't be anything seriously wrong- she is way to active and happy- I agree. Yes, she does have geographic tongue.
Today Erin and Jaxon came over. Avi put on Jaxon's owl hat and walked around the house- we think she could see slightly through the holes between the stitches, but she kept knocking into something eventually- she loved it though... crazy kid! She had such fun with Jaxon- beside walking blind in his hat. I love that she can play with her cousins.
I am starting to teach Avi to sign "I love you" in ASL- the long version. She kind of did it once today.
Avi loves to brush her teeth, but hates having them brushed. She loves to look at books, carry bags around, and lately has been trying to walk down the stairs- thankfully it is not all the time!

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