Saturday, January 21, 2012

First day off bed rest

First day off of bed rest. I got Avi out of bed! It is amazing how lovely it feels to hold Avi in my arms. I swept the floor, and helped get some breakfast- and that exhausted me for the rest of the morning...
Avi loves to climb up on chairs! I have kept my laptop on chair by the couch to work on it, but Avi recently has taken to trying to remove it so she can sit on the chair, so I am keeping the laptop under the couch, when not in use and on my lap when using it.
Mom Emily and the girls went wedding dress shopping for Emily!! What madness! Jenn sent me a picture on the phone- Emily looked beautiful! I can't believe this is really happening.
I did some laundry, made lunch and dinner- big day for me!
I talked to Gunnar today. I told him that mom had made pancakes this morning, and that Avi ate more than I did (almost double!!). He asked if I put buttermilk syrup on them for her. What a silly guy! I asked if he remembered who I was, that I like to have a healthy child, and when would I have made it?? She had peanut butter, apple sauce, and some peaches with her pancakes. Silly man! and the poor kid is dealing with a lactose intolerance anyway... it made me nervous for when he comes back... is he going to fill my poor baby with sweets and dairy?? What is he going to do our schedule? I usually miss him so much, but there are times when the thought of him coming home makes me nervous.

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