Friday, January 20, 2012

Last day of bed rest!!!!

The last day of bed rest. Wow. I will be 34 weeks tomorrow. Gunnar called me today and asked me what I was going to do to celebrate getting off- if I would go out to eat... I laughed a little and said I was going to lift Avi out of bed, etc... That the thought of going out to eat sounded crazy- maybe in two weeks. Let's get to 36 weeks before going really crazy.
I was thinking about what bed rest has produced this time around-
approximately 39 crocheted hats (lets see-
2 bear-slightly altered pattern,
4 bear ear-slightly altered pattern,
3 shelled- altered pattern,
1 bee-made pattern,
3 owl- made pattern,
1 cable owl- made pattern,
1 cable whale- made pattern,
1 news boy,
1 long tailed or elf,
13 simple beard- made pattern,
4 puffy beard- made pattern,
4 plain,
1 dino...have I forgotten any??) -,

4-5  finished baby cocoons-had made pattern,
3 crochet headband ear warmers- slightly altered pattern,
1 mermaid tail with sea shells top- made pattern- and  I am super proud,
1 tooshie cover- made pattern
1 turtle shell-made pattern,
1  turtle toy (from my first attempt of making the photo prop shell)- slightly altered pattern,
I learned how to knit (the magic was solved)- and I made a knitted headband- though it does keep magically stretching on me... but it was my first completed knitted projected ever!!!
(learned -magic circle, half double decrease, crocodile, cable, puff, knit, purl- increases and decreases)

I have read
4  of the  the Work and the Glory- started the 5th
Secret Life of Bees
The Giver
Christmas Carol
Goose Girl
The Doctrine and Covenants
Half of The Book of Mormon
and...Oh, goodness I am pretty sure I am forgetting one...or two

My back hurts, I have no muscle, I easily get sick. I am hoping to get stronger by the end of my pregnancy- kind of funny- I thought it was suppose to get harder at the end :).
I had a non-stess today, some difficulty in always picking up the heart beat and I had some small contractions, but nothing to worry about. I finished the turtle toy- and Avi loves it- it got lots of hugs today. It is pretty quirky looking, but hey- it is my first time adventuring into crochet toy land- so it can hopefully be forgiven. I was thinking it would be cute in the picture with the baby in his shell. I will have to add pictures, this sounds odd without pictures.
A favorite game with Avi has been to sit on the floor, throw my arms up in the air and excitedly call for Avi- she runs to me and I give her a big hug!! and then send her away, after she has gone a few feet- I tell her turn around and come back- again throw my arms in the air.... we do this again and again and I love it!
I miss Gunnar.  

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  1. You are wonder woman! I am so excited for you!!! Way to go you sweet brave girl. Miss you.