Thursday, January 5, 2012

Gunnar and 2 Grandmas day

Avi head butted me last night- I usually lay with her for while I sing some lullaby's to her- and now I looked like a battered woman- lucky for Gunnar he is in Afghanistan- or else he might be investigated for domestic violence. 
Liz came down for a visit. She very nicely praised my crochet work and brought us some Christmas presents! What spoilment! some more maternity clothes for me! YA! I have to admit sometimes laundry gets lost-- I have not seen two of the tops they gave me in and maybe some pants... sometimes it is hard to not be able to take care of yourself! but ya! for new clothes to hopefully not get lost in the laundry... and that will actually fit around this HUGE belly!! since more and more nothing is long enough!
Avi got some clothes, some really cute wheely animals- animals on wheels- genius! and a fun book. It was so nice of them!
I think Avi really enjoyed having her grandma here, and was happy to see Grandma Dorsey home too! What a lucky girl two grandmas in one day!!
Avi got to go outside twice today!! Oh, happy day! Emily took her, and then Liz. I love it when she gets out. I think it is important especially for kids to get out- and maybe I was a little jealous!
We got to talk to Gunnar today!! Skype!! woo hoo! He had the day off- I think it was his first. He was working on getting a book or two onto the Kindle. We got to show him Avi can slightly do the motions to "Itsy Bisty Spider", answer her age- a cute little one finger, find her nose, toes, mouth, belly, sometimes cheeks and chin- those get confused, as well as ears and eyes. We made faces and went 'roar' together... What a fun baby I have!

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  1. So fun to read the updates on your fam! We miss you guys! Dawn and I were reminiscing about our visits to your house. It was so nice to have someone that liked having visitors. You are just the cutest pregnant lady ever! Hang in there!