Wednesday, August 17, 2011

We Love the Splash Pad

Jaxon wearing Avi's sun glasses!!

Aliea took a turn too.

Avi was so cute putting the ball in the basket, then taking it out...

Cute Avi sandals.

I was so impressed, last week I had to hold both her hands to walk!

Uh, I got my driver's license renewed today. We drove over there to find out I did not have all the paper work needed. Poor Avi was already done being in her car seat. She cried all the way back to the house and back to Orem. Then the line was huge. My picture is crazy as I was trying to hold Avi and get moving as quickly as possible. I packed a bag with toys and treats, but not enough she was getting really tired of it by the time we were called up, but we got it done, and I never want to go back!!
We drove up to the splash pad in Highland to meet the Carbajals. Avi thankfully fell asleep when we were three fourths of the way there. She slept a bit before the Carbajals arrived. It was fun. There was a lady that brought baskets and balls for all the kids to play- genius!! They were a hit. I was amazed how many kids would pick up the ball Avi was carrying around and give it back to her.
Avi tried on sandals she was given. They are sooo cute. She really enjoyed wearing them, having them come off and putting them back on...

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Spaghetti Toes

Today we went to Kesten's and had lunch with her and Keira. It was nice to get together. It was Kesten's boys' nap time and they each had their turn crying. As they cried, Avi just looked at them quizzically. She was chill through the whole thing.
I was on with her nap schedule today and wow!! she took really great naps. The schedule makes such a difference.
At dinner we had spaghetti. Avi ate it well. She started and finished before I did, so she had to wait for me to finish, then I grabbed her tray off and washed it. When I turned back to her, she had found entertainment. She was grabbing a piece of spaghetti from the pocket in her bib and putting it in between her toes, then kicking it off onto the ground, then back for another... It was Hilarious!!!
She got a shower after- and looked sooo cute bundled in her towel!
I got to skype with Gunnar for a long time today!!! Happy Day!!

Avi's First Cat Scratch

I was clipping her nail while she sat in her chair outside and looked at the cat. She was petting the cat when she reached too far and the chair tipped and she fell onto the cat and it scratched her cheek. She cried for a minute and then wanted to play with the cat more.

The Dentist and the Splash Pad!

August 9
Avi went to her first dentist appointment. I was glad we went. I learned I needed to brush her teeth much better than I have been and that I should be using fluoride tooth paste for her. After I took her to the Highland splash pad. It is the best splash pad! Avi was okay with getting sprayed while she had her hat on, after it got too wet we took it off, and she no longer was okay with getting splash.
She loved the towels others laid out on the grass, I had to pull her off.

Malachi Harper's Water Birthday Party

On the thirteenth we went to Malachi Harper's, Kesten's son, birthday party. There was lots of fun water things to play with. Avi enjoyed the water table the most. There was pizza, fruit, cupcakes, a pinata- which Avi gave one not very interest hit with the stick, and fun kids to play with!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Corn and a Sheet

Avi loves corn on the cob!! It is so funny to watch her eat.

I think I found Avi's favorite sheet- I put this sheet on and she laid out and pretended to swim on it,
then she would curl up and then back out to swim.

Water Tarp Day 8-15

Erin going for the big splash!

Avi wins the big hat prize!! The prize- no sunburn!