Sunday, August 14, 2011

Avi's First Step- I Saw

So some are born to blog, others have blogging within them, and some have blogging thrust upon them. I believe I am the 'thrust upon' type- I have not blogged in a bit, but with Gunnar gone and Avi today.... thrust-

As I skyped with Gunnar, Avi was being a doll and standing up by herself, very well. It is so exciting to see her muscles develop.

After we got done skyping Avi crawled up to our room and grabbed a ball from her toy box and brought it to the doorway- I was spying on her from the bottom of the stairs. She stood up and the ball rolled away. She looked at it... and took a step!!! The first step I have seen!! It was a small step, but the very cutest one I have ever seen!!! She went down after she took it. I ran up and scooped her up and ran around shouting for joy and giving her lots of kisses. I may have been a little excited...

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