Wednesday, August 17, 2011

We Love the Splash Pad

Jaxon wearing Avi's sun glasses!!

Aliea took a turn too.

Avi was so cute putting the ball in the basket, then taking it out...

Cute Avi sandals.

I was so impressed, last week I had to hold both her hands to walk!

Uh, I got my driver's license renewed today. We drove over there to find out I did not have all the paper work needed. Poor Avi was already done being in her car seat. She cried all the way back to the house and back to Orem. Then the line was huge. My picture is crazy as I was trying to hold Avi and get moving as quickly as possible. I packed a bag with toys and treats, but not enough she was getting really tired of it by the time we were called up, but we got it done, and I never want to go back!!
We drove up to the splash pad in Highland to meet the Carbajals. Avi thankfully fell asleep when we were three fourths of the way there. She slept a bit before the Carbajals arrived. It was fun. There was a lady that brought baskets and balls for all the kids to play- genius!! They were a hit. I was amazed how many kids would pick up the ball Avi was carrying around and give it back to her.
Avi tried on sandals she was given. They are sooo cute. She really enjoyed wearing them, having them come off and putting them back on...

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