Friday, August 12, 2011

Reynolds Family Reunion

Avi loves her cousins! She climbed up on her cousin's stroller and was giving him kisses and hugs, till she went for his pacifier...

Avi LOVES watermelon. She ate the whole slice.

Avi's nap in a hot tent.

Sophie was at the Family Reunion!! Really the dogs name is Sophie!! Same kind of dog and name as the Hendrix!! Avi found a friend! Only their Sophie liked being petted by Avi, as opposed to being afraid of her.

Sitting with a roommate of a cousin, Avi's Great Great Aunt Faunetta, and her Grandma.

On August 5th Mom, Avi, and I went up to Idaho for the Reynold's Family reunion and to see our Nelson side. On the way up Avi refused to nap. The trip consisted of me putting on the cruise control, getting away from other vehicles, mom hands me an Avi treat and I quickly turn reach to put them in her cup holder. I think several drivers may have thought us drunk. We stopped at mom and dad Nelsons so Avi could get out, stop crying, and hopefully play enough that she was be tired enough fall asleep for the rest of the way. Well, we enjoyed the visit- saw pictures on Darin, the new nephew. Avi had fun and we got to eat. Alas, Avi cried for the rest of the way, except when snacking.
The reunion was by Heisie Hot Springs (spelling?). Avi made friends with two cute boy distant cousins by giving BIG hugs to them. The littlest boy was overwhelmed by it, but that made the older boy want to get one. There was a random dog there that wanted to play ball with anyone that would, Avi was delighted to see it. She really wanted to pet and play with it, but it was unowned so I tried to keep her away.
We had brought the pack n' play but I felt it was too cold for Avi to sleep alone, so we shared. I got too hot during the night, but I think she was okay. We slept as well as we do when Avi sleeps with me. Plus I had some extra waking up from the this or that.
In the morning before most were awake mom and I woke up. I slipped into the truck and grabbed cinnamon rolls for us to eat (mom had brought them for the pot luck lunch). Yum! We sat and quietly chatted and ate for a bit and then went back to sleep till Warren came to tell us they were getting breakfast going.
At breakfast Avi enjoyed the pancakes and eggs best.

They did some games- Mom's team won on one.

Avi's nap was a fiasco. She would not go to sleep. She is too use her routine at home- dark room and I nurse/rock her to sleep... Finally I ended up putting her in her pack n' play and letting her cry. She has such a piercing cry... I gave her a few minutes and picked her up and she was traumatized enough to lay down and let me nurse her to sleep. I got up and mom and Warren were coming by. Mom was going over with the rest of the family- probably a couple of hundred feet away. I came with her- asked if she thought if I would be able to hear Avi when she woke up- she thought I could.. We sat and listened to a few traveling tales from a relative, when another relative walked up holding Avi!! The relative reported, Avi had gotten out of the tent and was beelining through the grass trying to find me!! I felt horrible! Wow, really bad mom moment!!! I am thankful family was all around, but I felt soooo bad!!

We had lunch- Avi loved the watermelon, as seen above. I loved the raspberries I stole off the top of a cake...

Then of course the auction. I got Avi a bracelet. It was a stretchy kind- so I tried it to make sure she could not break it, well two seconds after buying it became a bracelet too big for me, oh well!

It was nice to go and get to know family a bit better. Glad Avi survived!

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