Thursday, August 11, 2011

Avi Tid Bits

Some cute things Avi has done:
The other night Avi was playing with some things on the couch when it was time for bed I was about fifteen feet away from her when I beckoned for her to come to me. She repsonded by beckoning for me to come to her. After a a minute or two she paused and had a pooping face. I asked her if she had pooped and she raised up her arm with her pointer finger to the ceiling and responded, "Ya".
On Sunday we were with our Nelson side. In Relief Society, Natasja had Avi on her lap and Sonja put a sticker on her forehead. Avi did not have a concept of it being on her forehead. She reached up in her hair- Avi has had many things she has pulled out of her hair, that is why she does not wear headbands and bows... It was so cute to watch her try to figure out where that sticker had gone to. Later the sticker was put on her nose. She was able to find it that time. She grabbed it, put it next to her nosed and huffed with her nose. She is such a silly.
She likes to try to put on clothes and shoes. It is really sweet. She will grab something and put it on her head and around her neck. For her shoes she ends up rubbing them against her feet or stomping on them.

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