Monday, August 15, 2011

The Nelson House Visit

Gunnar got Major "Best Husband" points!! He sent me flowers for my Birthday!
It had a balloon- for Avi sake, but it got lost...

Avi intently watched as we finished opening her present from her Grandma and Grandpa

Avi's favorite present- pretty purple flower sandals.

Opening her present.

She was having a tough time putting on her outfit from Natasja and Don.

Lilli with her Birthday cake.

Big girl feeding herself with a spoon.

Avi loves this tractor, so does Lilli, so the shared.

Some of Lilli's cool presents- a light up helmet and fly swatter- I think the fly swatter was the favorite!

We went to Mike and Liz's after the Reynolds reunion. It was fun to be with family. Avi liked playing with Lilli. We got to meet little Darin, Siriana's. He is so cute! He totally has model hair. Saturday night we watch "Jeeves and Wooster" -The Musical!! Loved it!
On Sunday sacrament meeting was highly entertaining with Lilli and Avi. After Church we enjoyed the yard and then the Christensen's family- Siriana's husband's family-came over and we had a joint birthday party for Anders, Lilli, me, and kind for Darin and Avi too. .
On Monday I made Siriana a nursing cover and we drove home. Poor Avi had a poopy diaper for the last bit of the trip... no fun! We found the most effective distraction for her was the different ring tones on the phone.

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