Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Avi fun!!

Some General conference fun with cousins and Uncle Anders

The other day I was changing Gage. He had pooped out, so he got stripped down. Avi decided it a great time to attack, so she gets up on the bed and gives him a big hug as I turn to grab another new diaper (he has a knack of pooping onto the diaper I plan to change him into.) I rescued him from his loving sister, but then I think he was so startled by the strangling hug, he wet the bed. Avi said, "uh-oh..towel, towel, towel..." and ran over to the night stand to get a tissue, and ran back to wipe up where Gage had wet with the tissue.
Avi climbed Grandpa's eight-foot ladder the other day, as well as today. She loves to climb. One good thing from the climb up Grandpa's ladder, she was willing to learn to climb down, I have been struggling to teach her how to climb down in on the ladder in the play house.
Avi loves to go see the fish in Grandma and Grandpa's green house. She does the cutest fishy lips- she has started even being able to suck in her cheeks a bit.
She calls the cats her babies and kisses them- to my distress... what is a mom to do??
She loves to pick up rocks around the yard, or drive way, scatter them, or put them down her shirt. She is becoming somewhat a dare devill on the swings. She likes to lean back, the other day she learned to flip off, the first time she landed gently, the second time, not so much, so I hope that deters her till she is a little bit bigger.
Avi made her first piece of toast this week, she even buttered it. She helped me make pancakes about two weeks ago, grabbed the dry ingredients to sample- her face was covered in flour. This week she helped me make banana bread. She really enjoyed smashing the bananas- not all of the bananas made it into the bread, and she also liked stirring. And eating the mini muffins we made with the left over batter.
I have been reading FableHaven I highly recomend it to anyone who enjoys fantasy- as the back of some the books say- right up there with Harry Potter :).
We went to all three hours of church on Sunday. The first time for me in... about six months. Gage did so well- it was his first time going to church. I nursed him during Sunday school, but other than that he hardly stirred- though he sweetly cooed through Relief Society. I had a sister or two come up after to say they enjoyed hearing his sweet baby noises.

Avi does so well in nursery. It was my first time taking her to it. It was hard for me, but she is a pro by now. What a cutie!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

goodnight kiss

Last night, after family prayer, Grandpa asked Avi for a goodnight kiss. Avi then proceeded to kiss everyone else goodnight, several times, finally turning to Grandpa and said, "bye bye!", with a cute little wave.
What a character! She did end up giving him a goodnight kiss.