Friday, September 30, 2011

Some September Days

So yesterday I kind of felt like a handy woman- I tried turning down the temp on the water heater- it required me getting out a screw driver to take off a cover plate- thus it became a "handy job". Well, the thermostat it out so it didn't work- any one know how to fix it??
I also cleaned of my battery terminals- wow they were bad, but a little baking soda vinegar and wa laa! I didn't in even need to scrub, just rinse with water. I also filled the window washing fluid in the truck. I wasn't very handy in- but I took the truck in for a tire rotation- that was Free! Tunex in AF- fabulous deal.
I got some things to make Avi bracelets. I am excited. I am starting to get into the crafty mood, and I have to find another outlet besides shopping... So hopefully crafts can 'fill the void'.
I have been reading- I finished These is My Words -great till you get to the last 20 pages...- and Letters to Emily- the plot, not amazing, but I loved the letters and poems in it. I am currently in Have a Little Faith, I think Tuesdays with Morrie was a bit better, but it is enjoyable. Next on the list is The Help- I hope to finish the book and catch the movie in the dollar theaters.
I made stroganoff last night- yum. Avi has been eating it well- which is a delight to me. Yesterday she loved the mushrooms, and today she doesn't but at least she eats it and doesn't spit out the meat!
Today we met up with Siriana's family and Teresja. It was fun to see them. We went out for Pupusas. Oh- I love them and Avi does too. Avi made a mess at the place- she dumped her water and threw the parts she didn't want on the floor- welcome to our house... After a while of eating, Lilli was done and came over to play with Avi. I thought she was giving Avi kisses, but then I looked again and realized she was licking her! I told her she needs to teach Avi to give good little kisses, but she is three, and Avi got licked some more...
We went back to Teresja's and played some Lego Rock Band. When I took a turn, I was amazing because I had the best two little helpers-Lilli and Avi. Avi was playing musical drumsticks with me and Lilli was pounding away and standing in front of the screen- thank goodness it was on super easy- we actually scored decently well :).
Avi got her first cat bite tonight. My mom was holding the cat, Alice, and Avi played with her. She apparently rubbed her the wrong way- and Alice bit. Thankfully it did not break the skin, but it did scare Avi. Before the bite, Avi was petting and playing with her paws, then she grabbed Alice's tail and was going to put it in her mouth!! Thankfully we caught her before it was in. Oh, gross!
Avi lately loves to get a bag- I have a little gift bag in my room, and today she got a costco bag- I need to get her purse out the truck... anyway, she gets her bag and goes around and collects things in it. She is particular about what goes in, but I don't know how she chooses.
She also loves to play with her shoes. She has a small tupperware full. I usually have it in the closet, but she has loved playing with them, so I left it out. I had a cardboard diaper box, that I had emptied and Avi took that box and put all her shoes in it. She is so funny.
She now really like the 'touch and feel' books. She loves books in general, but those are some of her favorites.
We are still recovering from colds, but we are not bad.
I got to skype last night with Gunnar. It was sooooooooo good to see him. We had to message to communicate, but I got to see him!! The last couple of days I had been feeling the emotions building from lack of communication- days we couldn't talk, or just facebook messaged- sometimes only for a short amount of time... so to see him Skype was wonderful. Tonight he was able to call on the phone. I didn't recognize the number, and there was a bit of a pause before he said hello- I almost hung up thinking it was telemarketer. It was good to hear his voice. humm... what eight and half months-ish, till he comes home...

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Avi and baby

Avi took about 52 steps the other day!! The most she has taken :). She was astounding me with 25, but then we went to the dinner before the General Relief Society conference, and she went to town! She usually average more around ten steps. She is improving!
She has also learned to turn around as she walks! so cute!
Today she started to say "uh-oh". She likes to turn on the water in the sink, when I have her in reach.
Avi loves her baby dolls. She picks them up hugs them and rocks them. She likes to give me one of her babies, then grabs her other and climbs onto to my lap to hold and rock all the babies as we sing them a song. She also gives them kisses.
The other day we got together with a sister in Erin's ward, her husband just got back from Iraq. I really appreciated being able to talk with her. She has a son and daughter. Her daughter is about 19 months. The little girl is petite, blond, and blue eyed-just like Avi! At one point the girl got a bump. She was laying on the floor fussing. Avi came up to her and nicely, for lack of another word, petted her head. I praised Avi on being so gentle. Avi was pleased, she petted her a time or two more, then she gave her an open mouth kiss on the forehead. Avi then jumped into my arms to get a hug- she knew she had done something sweet and deserved praise- it was so cute!

We have been sick since Wednesday. I am so tired of this cold!! Thankfully I am worse then Avi.
I was blessed with a free photo book from Shutterfly, so I was able to do Avi's 4-months to first birthday. I am really excited to see it!! I had to do it fast due to deal expiration and troubles finding my external hard drive power cord, but it was found and the book completed, hopefully without too many mistakes.
Did I mention before I got a Bjorn baby carrier, active style-with better back support. I agree that a lighter baby would be more fitting for the style of carrier, but I mainly got it for the new baby, so I think it will be great. On another bright side, I took it with me to do some shopping- life saver!! Avi was so good! It was like a miracle!! No screaming, no crawling through the store- I was so happy!!
I ordered a car seat. I found a good deal and did it. I know I am not due till March, but I think since last time we waited till the third trimester, and then I was not able to go shopping, so this time I am making sure things are taken care of before third trimester.
This pregnancy:
I started weighing 121.
My first weigh in at 8 weeks I was 120.
My second weigh in at 12 weeks was 117- I had lost three pounds in one day from constant throwing up. And kept it off from the several days of severe nausea and throwing up a time or two more.
I was nauseated from about four weeks to sixteen. It was not too bad. I threw up lightly several times, and had one bad morning of throwing up bile for a while and being extremely dizzy. But mostly I would just need to lay on the couch for a little bit each day while I did not feel well.
At week 14 I weighed 121. We did an ultrasound to check cervical length- I was a 4.3- very long- very good. Looks like it is going to be a boy!
Week 16 I had gained another pound to be at 122.
Week 17. Well, having a cold is not fun, but everything seems to be going well. I stopped working out when I got to week 12, but I do play with Avi and go for walks.
The first trimester I was sure I was going to loose this baby. I was so worried about deciding if I should get a cerclage or not... I ended up not getting it. I received two blessing, letting me know things are going to be okay-but I still feel I need to be careful.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

One Week

It has been just over a week since Gunnar left. Well, about 24 more till he can hopefully come home for a week or two. Time passes slowly.
I just finished These is My Words. In it the main character's husband is in the army. She talks about how much she needs and wants him, home, but there is nothing she can do to convince to not go. In the few days I read it, I had a day I couldn't bear to read it. I felt I needed my Gunnar so badly. Thankfully I was able to skype with him, and by the end of the call I felt much better. My emotions and sanity are way too tied to communicating with that man! I felt so independent when I was single, I had no idea how dependent I would become as a wife. I claim it is Gunnar's fault for being a good husband, if he wasn't so good at being with us when he is home and being so sweet, maybe I wouldn't be as attached ;).
I can be proud of his service to our country, for following what he feels the Lord would have him do, for the goals of learning while he is there. I hope we both come away from this time apart more refined and better companions for each other. Though I feel like we make better companions together... but hopefully this will be an investment for our good, and hopefully in the future he will get a job that allows him to be home all the time.
Avi has been so busy. She does not want to be held in church or stores or have to sit in the cart- she wants to venture around and make friends. She defiantly does not have stranger anxiety. Today was the primary program. Avi was so sweet watching the children sing- for the few minutes she would pay attention. I look forward to the future when she will be up there, but I hope it doesn't happen too quickly.
I really love being her mother. I love her so much. There is no love like the love of your child. I wish I could describe it. The joy, the worry, the desires for her do well and choose the right, the adoration for her adorableness, the fear of loosing her or of her getting seriously harmed, worrying that I might be "messing her up" by the way I raise her- by not being consistent enough or by they way I choose to handle situations. The happiness her smile and laugh brings, the delight her little words and noises gives, and wonder as she learns new skills. I love holding her. I love her sweet little baby steps. She getting to try more and more. I think she will have walking down in the next month or two.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ah!! Quick Notes

When was the last time I wrote?? Quick review- pictures to follow.
Gunnar was here the night of Aug 28th- to morning of Sept 9th. It was glorious!! Wow, I love that man!!
Monday we went to the Aquarium, so maybe it is not as nice as Monteray Bay's, but the penguins were fun to watch and Avi loved seeing all the babies around, oh, they had a big octopus and a big turtle...not too shabby. We went out to the Bombay House for dinner- Oh, my word! Heaven. It was sooo delicious!
Tuesday we went the Thanks Giving Point. We went to the Barn yard. Avi rode a pony, looked at animals and had a blast feeding the pigmy goats. Then we got 50 cent ice cream cones- do not let anyone know (ha ha ha) that maybe Gunnar had Avi try ice cream for the first time. She of course enjoyed it, and I watched that she did not get too much, so she wouldn't get sick. (This does not give license to anyone else to feed my baby sugar!!) After we went to the Dinosaur museum. Avi's favorites included crawling through the little tunnel with the 'big' girls that were pretending to be dinosaurs, playing in the water and sand area, climbing on the rocks that were by the guard rails in the hall, and cuddling with a little triceratops. We went out to eat at Rodiozio Grill- it was Gunnar's first time to go to Brazilian grill like that. It was a fun experience, but boy, go for lunch-it saves a ton!!
Wednesday we went to the temple. We got to be the witness couple :). We did some shopping and had dinner with Teresja at Thai Ruby- use to be good... sadly not anymore...
Thursday, Gunnar was sick from some food poisoning :(. I dragged him out to my mom's Junior High to use her picture package (she had said she didn't want it, and offered it to us) so we got school family pictures, and Kjerstina said going to her JC Penny was ghetto. We shall see how they turn out... It was rather funny getting them, Avi turned out to have a mouth full of pretzel.. so it was a trick to A. get her to smile B. get her to smile without showing pretzel. We drove up to Idaho.
My days blur in Idaho..
Friday to Sunday- Avi loves to swing. She can swing by herself on the big kid swings at grandma and grandpa's. She really enjoyed swinging with Gunnar because he was exciting. We took some walks, played some games, read all the jokes in "Readers' Digest", went to church, watched some "Pirates of the Caribbean", played a little frizbee, Avi said "tickle" for the first time, played in the irrigation a little, feasted on apricots, corn, and watermelon...
Monday we went to the Eastern Idaho State Fair. Avi loved the horses. She said "horsey" about five times! She petted them and watched them. They were her favorite. She also saw goats, cows, chickens, rabbits. We went to the cake displays, flowers (not much there), photos, and art work. Avi's grandma got her a purse, because we found out Avi was a natural with them. At grandma and grandpa's house, Avi found Lilli's purse (Lilli was gone camping). First thing, Avi put the purse on her shoulder and went cruising with it. She was sooo cute. She loved that little purse!! At the entrance we went to there was a huge blow up cow- Avi was fascinated. Oh, we went into the McKees' (spelling?) petting zoo. Avi was so funny because there were sheep and and a goat out where we were walking but she didn't pay much attention to them, because she was busy looking at the animals that were fenced off (that is what she is use to) finally she saw several sheep that were next to her. She tentatively stuck out her pointer finger to touch one, when it "ma"ed at her. It startled her. It was entertaining to watch. We went over to the puppies. Avi loved the puppy we got to hold. She gave it hugs, she wanted to hold it, she was petting it, trying to grab at it. She was sad to when we had to return it (I see trouble for my 'no pets' allowed rule... it was hard enough with just fighting Gunnar on it)
After the State Fair we played Frisbee golf with Natasja, Don, Siriana, and Jeremy. We were pretty bad. There was one time when I did not throw my frisbee the shortest... But it was fun to play :).
Tuesday we played a game or two with Siriana and Jeremy then drove home. We stopped in Brigham City. We tried the "destination dinning" Maddox restaurant. Well, to begin with, we have never seen so many handicapped spots for one location. As we were walking in -judging by the other people walking in- I wondered if they allowed anyone younger than fifty in. The food was okay, the best thing was the raspberry honey butter on a fresh roll- no wait- it was the corn on the cob! We all really enjoyed that. But to make up for the food, they had good service- Avi dropped the corn on the floor, and they got us a new one, and then when they asked how dinner was Gunnar was just honest and said it was not as good as expected, and they gave us free dessert- peach pie. So they were really nice. After dinner we stopped by a fruit stand and picked up peaches, corn, cantaloupe, and a watermelon- I told Gunnar he better be hungry!
Wednesday we went to the zoo. Avi was excited to see the camels, she really watched the armadillo, the monkeys were very active- so easy for her to watch, but her favorite were the giraffes. She waved at them, and said "hi". She so wanted them to come closer. It was soo sweet to watch her watch them.
After the zoo, we went to Erin's for a bbq. We had the corn we had bought in Brigham city- soooo good. The watermelon proved very juicy, but not as flavorful, but the cantaloupe was pretty good. Avi took six steps in a row that night- the most she had done!
Thursday we were able to go to the temple again. Teresja watched Avi for us. So she also came with us for an ultra sound. It was to check my cervical length- which is really great, thankfully. I am so glad Gunnar was able to be there, since this is the only chance he had. At only fourteen weeks the doctor said to 'keep our receipts', but it looks like it is going to be a boy. We are very excited.
We drove up the canyon to Cascade Springs. It was beautiful! We saw two dear about a hundred away. Avi was excited to be outside and wanted to walk everywhere, but we did not have time so she was not very happy being carried around for the most part. We drove down the dirt trail by the springs to see a beaver home and dam. I felt like we should be able to go down into it and be offered some tea and crumpets by the kind old beaver couple.
That night we drove up to Salt Lake to stay at a hotel because Gunnar was leaving in the morning. We tried to go swimming in the heart shaped pool, but poor Avi was too cold. It ended up being probably about five minutes in the water. We had pizza and hot chocolate- I forgot how good hot chocolate is. Avi was hilarious- there was a mirrored closet that opened and connected to the bathroom, Avi went round and round- she thought it was great. She also thought it fascinating that she could see herself on one side on the closet, but not on the other (mirrored side vs. no mirror). She was a doll!
Friday morning we dropped off Gunnar... We went back to the hotel got breakfast and had time before check to get a morning nap. We checked out and went to Temple Square. The grounds were beautiful, and Avi charmed her way around, and made a friend of a sister missionary.
Avi has started
  • Make kissy faces (though most kisses are still open mouthed)
  • to blow on her food when it is hot- She even blew on a dandelion
  • not wanting to be held- let's just say shopping with her is hard- she might have ended up crawling around a store or two-ugh for those who know I hate germs!! and if anyone heard a screaming baby- it was her...
  • she snores- thank you genes of Gunnar. The other day I tried ear plugs so I could go so sleep... I don't like ear plugs, thankfully she stopped... for a while
  • making a "vroom" noise when she plays with cars (she has done that for about a month.
  • Sonja said the other day she said, "What's this" and "Look at that"- I haven't heard that many words together- but I am excited to.
  • She took about ten steps by herself today.
  • Something that is not great, that she has been doing for a long time- when she is done eating she throws her food on off her tray onto the floor- did I already write that?
  • She defiantly says "nana" for banana.
  • She loves balls.