Friday, September 30, 2011

Some September Days

So yesterday I kind of felt like a handy woman- I tried turning down the temp on the water heater- it required me getting out a screw driver to take off a cover plate- thus it became a "handy job". Well, the thermostat it out so it didn't work- any one know how to fix it??
I also cleaned of my battery terminals- wow they were bad, but a little baking soda vinegar and wa laa! I didn't in even need to scrub, just rinse with water. I also filled the window washing fluid in the truck. I wasn't very handy in- but I took the truck in for a tire rotation- that was Free! Tunex in AF- fabulous deal.
I got some things to make Avi bracelets. I am excited. I am starting to get into the crafty mood, and I have to find another outlet besides shopping... So hopefully crafts can 'fill the void'.
I have been reading- I finished These is My Words -great till you get to the last 20 pages...- and Letters to Emily- the plot, not amazing, but I loved the letters and poems in it. I am currently in Have a Little Faith, I think Tuesdays with Morrie was a bit better, but it is enjoyable. Next on the list is The Help- I hope to finish the book and catch the movie in the dollar theaters.
I made stroganoff last night- yum. Avi has been eating it well- which is a delight to me. Yesterday she loved the mushrooms, and today she doesn't but at least she eats it and doesn't spit out the meat!
Today we met up with Siriana's family and Teresja. It was fun to see them. We went out for Pupusas. Oh- I love them and Avi does too. Avi made a mess at the place- she dumped her water and threw the parts she didn't want on the floor- welcome to our house... After a while of eating, Lilli was done and came over to play with Avi. I thought she was giving Avi kisses, but then I looked again and realized she was licking her! I told her she needs to teach Avi to give good little kisses, but she is three, and Avi got licked some more...
We went back to Teresja's and played some Lego Rock Band. When I took a turn, I was amazing because I had the best two little helpers-Lilli and Avi. Avi was playing musical drumsticks with me and Lilli was pounding away and standing in front of the screen- thank goodness it was on super easy- we actually scored decently well :).
Avi got her first cat bite tonight. My mom was holding the cat, Alice, and Avi played with her. She apparently rubbed her the wrong way- and Alice bit. Thankfully it did not break the skin, but it did scare Avi. Before the bite, Avi was petting and playing with her paws, then she grabbed Alice's tail and was going to put it in her mouth!! Thankfully we caught her before it was in. Oh, gross!
Avi lately loves to get a bag- I have a little gift bag in my room, and today she got a costco bag- I need to get her purse out the truck... anyway, she gets her bag and goes around and collects things in it. She is particular about what goes in, but I don't know how she chooses.
She also loves to play with her shoes. She has a small tupperware full. I usually have it in the closet, but she has loved playing with them, so I left it out. I had a cardboard diaper box, that I had emptied and Avi took that box and put all her shoes in it. She is so funny.
She now really like the 'touch and feel' books. She loves books in general, but those are some of her favorites.
We are still recovering from colds, but we are not bad.
I got to skype last night with Gunnar. It was sooooooooo good to see him. We had to message to communicate, but I got to see him!! The last couple of days I had been feeling the emotions building from lack of communication- days we couldn't talk, or just facebook messaged- sometimes only for a short amount of time... so to see him Skype was wonderful. Tonight he was able to call on the phone. I didn't recognize the number, and there was a bit of a pause before he said hello- I almost hung up thinking it was telemarketer. It was good to hear his voice. humm... what eight and half months-ish, till he comes home...

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