Sunday, September 25, 2011

Avi and baby

Avi took about 52 steps the other day!! The most she has taken :). She was astounding me with 25, but then we went to the dinner before the General Relief Society conference, and she went to town! She usually average more around ten steps. She is improving!
She has also learned to turn around as she walks! so cute!
Today she started to say "uh-oh". She likes to turn on the water in the sink, when I have her in reach.
Avi loves her baby dolls. She picks them up hugs them and rocks them. She likes to give me one of her babies, then grabs her other and climbs onto to my lap to hold and rock all the babies as we sing them a song. She also gives them kisses.
The other day we got together with a sister in Erin's ward, her husband just got back from Iraq. I really appreciated being able to talk with her. She has a son and daughter. Her daughter is about 19 months. The little girl is petite, blond, and blue eyed-just like Avi! At one point the girl got a bump. She was laying on the floor fussing. Avi came up to her and nicely, for lack of another word, petted her head. I praised Avi on being so gentle. Avi was pleased, she petted her a time or two more, then she gave her an open mouth kiss on the forehead. Avi then jumped into my arms to get a hug- she knew she had done something sweet and deserved praise- it was so cute!

We have been sick since Wednesday. I am so tired of this cold!! Thankfully I am worse then Avi.
I was blessed with a free photo book from Shutterfly, so I was able to do Avi's 4-months to first birthday. I am really excited to see it!! I had to do it fast due to deal expiration and troubles finding my external hard drive power cord, but it was found and the book completed, hopefully without too many mistakes.
Did I mention before I got a Bjorn baby carrier, active style-with better back support. I agree that a lighter baby would be more fitting for the style of carrier, but I mainly got it for the new baby, so I think it will be great. On another bright side, I took it with me to do some shopping- life saver!! Avi was so good! It was like a miracle!! No screaming, no crawling through the store- I was so happy!!
I ordered a car seat. I found a good deal and did it. I know I am not due till March, but I think since last time we waited till the third trimester, and then I was not able to go shopping, so this time I am making sure things are taken care of before third trimester.
This pregnancy:
I started weighing 121.
My first weigh in at 8 weeks I was 120.
My second weigh in at 12 weeks was 117- I had lost three pounds in one day from constant throwing up. And kept it off from the several days of severe nausea and throwing up a time or two more.
I was nauseated from about four weeks to sixteen. It was not too bad. I threw up lightly several times, and had one bad morning of throwing up bile for a while and being extremely dizzy. But mostly I would just need to lay on the couch for a little bit each day while I did not feel well.
At week 14 I weighed 121. We did an ultrasound to check cervical length- I was a 4.3- very long- very good. Looks like it is going to be a boy!
Week 16 I had gained another pound to be at 122.
Week 17. Well, having a cold is not fun, but everything seems to be going well. I stopped working out when I got to week 12, but I do play with Avi and go for walks.
The first trimester I was sure I was going to loose this baby. I was so worried about deciding if I should get a cerclage or not... I ended up not getting it. I received two blessing, letting me know things are going to be okay-but I still feel I need to be careful.


  1. I hope you have an easy bed free pregnancy with no more sickness. You will LOVE having a boy!!!! I am so excited for you!!!!

  2. Heather.

    I am sorry you've been so sick! But congrats on your pregnancy! (Erin from Indiana told me when she sent out her pic that you were expecting!) I hope, like Kate, your pregnancy goes well and that you will be able to recover from your cold soon!

    Love ya!