Saturday, October 1, 2011

General Conference Sat

Avi did the sweetest thing tonight. As I was praying with her before I put her to bed- I said Jesus in the prayer and Avi perked right up and pointed to our picture of Jesus in our room. It was so sweet.
I just started The Help, on the second page it mentions how baby like fat-to snuggle. I have been thinking lately about that very thing as I hold little Avi- usually as I am singing her a lullaby and she is moving her head around to try to find a comfortable spot- I have rather boney shoulders with my clavicles sticking out, so the poor kids has to work to find a comfy spot- at those moments- probably the only moments in my life- I wish I had some more meat on my bones- at least on my shoulders :).
General Conference was wonderful. I missed Gunnar. I wonder if we will have time to talk about it. I felt so excited to be pregnant during Elder Anderson's talk- the man knows how to strike a pregnant woman's emotional cord- but then again, that is not a challenge...
One of my favorite lines from conference was Elder Scott- when he said memorizing a scripture was like making a friend.
I just finished Have a Little Faith and saw two things that were mentioned in the book- about how the Lord expects us to be faithful, loving, devoted, serving.... (in the book it was told as a joke- that a man tells the Lord he did X amount of good things, loved his family, and was faithful- so what is his reward- and the Lord responds, 'what reward? You were suppose to do those things.') And the other thing that I saw was to Look up. In the book the author talks about how he looked down on others who were religious, and then he learned he should not have been looking down on them, but looking up. I loved the talk by Elder Cook- in which he said to be faithful and Look up no matter the circumstance... I realized I need to be better about being faithful. I get down and discouraged so easily- one thing I love about Gunnar, is that he doesn't get as worried- he just has faith that things will work out, to just trust in the Lord. So the talk was so good for me.
Okay, who does not love Elder Uchtdorf?? I loved, Compared to God we are nothing, but to God we are everything. I ever need to hear we need to focus on doing our best and not comparing ourselves to others. I really felt the Love of the Lord while listening to his talk.
Elder Arden's talk, I felt him talking about making sure you are productive, not just busy was so good, and that we need to identify our time wasting behaviors and desolate them- to grind them away.
Oh, my word- as I look at my notes- I just loved every talk- not that I have a ton of notes from the afternoon session, because Avi was awake- her nap time is during the morning session, and she napped really well. But one more- Wow, for Provo's second temple! It is the perfect solution saving the tabernacle!
In the evening we saw Sonja, Gunnar's sister. It was so nice to see her and hear a little about her life. We also stopped by Roberts craft, because everything was half off... and they had some crafts you could do for free- we did one a little Halloween decoration- I thought it was pretty cute.
*** I have started to feel the baby move!! He is a kicker! I love it!!

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