Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It is officially a boy!!

So poor Avi looks abused! I put Avi down when we got home from the doctor's and she turned and fell into the table leg- I didn't see the bruising on her noise till tonight.
Well, the doctors..
It is a boy!! It's certain now! Hurray! for baby brother! Avi was very sweet sitting on the bench they have in the ultrasound room eating snacks and watching the ultrasound. She was so well behaved.
He was curled together, so it was hard to get good shots, but hey- at least he looks good :). His right kidney is a little dilated, so we will watch that. He is measuring a day ahead of schedule-really they have these things down to the day?? But I think he is going to be a very handsome young man!!
It was wonderful to see him.
The doctor on the other hand was not so wonderful. So with Avi we had some scary times- I am a bit nervous. Plus, I have gone from a 4.3 cervix to a 3.7- 3.7 way long and healthy, but I am changing... I just want to keep an eye on it- Well, the Doctor was so rude. I wish I could express his manner and tone he used in writing- it basically was, "Lady, you are crazy and stupid. You are a waste of our time. We want your baby to die, rather than keep a check on things..." The funny thing was it was the same doctor last time that Avi cried when he came in-Avi, who loves everyone... Well, Avi was onto to something the first time she met him- this guy is not nice. So we are getting out of that office. I am done with them.
I called and talk to another doctor's nurse when I got home, I have an appointment. I need to call my insurance and get my records released from the last place.
I am missing my last doctor- Dr. McDonald. Yes, he was, I thought crazy lenient, but he really cared- and he did extra checks just put me at ease- and wow- his extra checks got Avi here safely- I want to kiss the man. I did not know how rare it was to actually have a doctor really want to get your baby here safely.
I made chicken Korma for dinner- it was from the bottle. I added chicken, cauliflower- because it needed to be used- some pineapple and even some mango on top. I wanted to go further, funny because it was just Avi and me- but the bottle didn't seem to be enough for the proportion to the chicken I had cooked... so I added more coconut milk. I thought it needed more- so I added curry powder and put cheese in Avi's- that kid needs calories :). It wasn't too bad by the time we got done. We had it with brown rice- yum! I forgot the yummy 'nutty' flavor of brown rice.
Did I already put down that Avi gives requests for "Round and Round the Garden..."- a little ditty that ends in tickling... It is so cute- it starts with circling your finger around the hand- so Avi points one finger to the other hand and circles...Adorable!!

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