Thursday, October 20, 2011

October Times

My little firefighter!

So yesterday we went to get Avi's car seat checked- aka- I took it out to wash it and know I did not put it in very well, so I went to get some 'man muscle' to secure my baby's seat. We got a tour of the fire trucks and an ambulance after. Avi loved it. It was adorable. She got to sit in the driver's seat. She loved the big steering wheel and all the buttons!
We got my records released from the doctor's office- it turns out my cervix has shorten even more than I thought. The doctor had said I was a "Three- seven." So I assumed it meant 3.7- I was wrong- I am a 3.07. I know the cervix changes and 3.07 is still safely long, but going from a 4.35 to a 3.07 seems a big jump to me... I am interested if my cervix is still shortening, and what my new doctor will advise. We will see on the November 2nd.
Today I went down to have my hair cut by Jennica's girl- Jennica looks fabulous, so I was excited. She did a good job, it wasn't exactly what I was looking for- but maybe I just don't know how to get it to styled correctly. I sent her a picture, maybe it is about the same.. hum. I just think I look older now and my face more round, but it will fun to have a change and glorious to get rid of so many split ends.
My picture of the temple came in today!! I was so excited to pick it up!! I think it looks fabulous. I had them print "The Nelson Family- next line-Established Oct. 24, 2009..." I wish I had put Est. October 24, 2009. But it will be wonderful for our home.
Avi likes to scoot down the stairs on her bum. I wish she would just turn around like she did before, at times she does, but it is not the norm... She has taken several tumbles down stair- ugh! Thankfully, mom's stairs are short and no harm has come.
Have I mentioned Avi has THE MOST KISSABLE cheeks. they are just so precious squishy.

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