Saturday, October 15, 2011

...and The Ward Party

 Aunt Jennica and Avi walking to the party
 My little garden fairy

Last night Avi blew out a candle for the first time. She has blown in the general direction a time or two, but she really did it! It took her about four our five tries- it was so sweet.
While I waited to see if Gunnar would be on line last night- no luck- I did the pictures of Christ matting for "The Living Christ". It is not perfect, but I think it will be a nice addition to our home.
Yesterday we went to the park for a while. Avi adores being outside. I am not looking forward to the winter... I am having a hard time finding boots small enough for her.
Today I drove mom's home teachers to pick up Erin's old fridge to replace moms. The baby felt a bit weird on part of the trip and when I got home I did not feel right- so I laid down for a while.
This evening we went to the ward party. It was in the bishop's front yard. The weather was perfect. They had potluck soups/chilli and desserts. They also made scones! and cotton candy. There were games out on neighbor's yards, and it was the halloween party so some of the kids dressed up. Aliea and Jaxon came- they were so cute- Aliea was Alice in Wonderland- wow she looks just like her!! and Jaxon was Jack Sparrow. Avi was Tinkerbell-I thought she was simply adorable!!
I think Avi spends soo much time by herself- we were off to the side eating and Avi was more excited by the lawn decorations then the people for a bit... but she did find a cute one year old- that she gave a kiss to and played a little peek-a-boo with.

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