Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Better Day & Natural Yeast Bread Class!

So today was a definite improvement over the last few.
Tonight I went to a baking with natural yeast bread class. I am soo excited. I fed my start tonight, I have yet to figure out a name (supposedly it helps you to take care of the start better- like a pet- Ya! I have allowed my family to have a pet- Gunnar can't say I never let us have a pet! But it stops here- this is the ONLY pet to be allowed.) I am so excited for pancakes!!
I have found a breakfast success for Avi- I heat up some granola with whole milk, add bananas (or peach), raspberries, and some of Avi's yogurt, and she eats it up like crazy!!
I made some broccoli soup tonight- I was at class, but mom informed me Avi liked it!! Ya!
We went up to the park by the temple and took pictures of Avi to make Christmas cards- I have a free card deal that expires tonight- so it had to be done today. Avi was adorable!! though very hard to get pictures of. The first time we went- She had not had a good morning nap, so I don't think I got her to smile once, and there were kids around so she ran off and played with them- I was glad to have her play. So we went out a second time, after afternoon nap. Well, she came away with two scraps on her face and she put her hands in- I am guessing- dog poop- that ended the photo shoot!
But I think she just looked beautiful!
This morning we got to skype with Gunnar!!!! Oh my word- every time it is sooo good to see him!! We got to read scriptures and say a family prayer. Best of all Avi got to see him- and he her. He got to see her walking around a bit. It is amazing how much she has grown. I swear she is taller even in the last week! I hope we can start to regularly have Avi see him. I want her to know him when he comes back.
At this point I still feel he should be able to come back permanently when the baby comes. I think there should be a way to get his orders changed- if anyone knows how- please let me know. How am I suppose to handle a new born and a nineteen month old??? I am already having a tough time.

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