Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Avi's One Year Old Appointment

Avi loves to play with her balloons!

Avi had her one year appointment on Monday. They weighed her with her diaper on- weird. She weighed in as a giant- 18 pounds (8%tile) , so she did gain a few ounces in the last month- at then end of June she was 17 lbs 2 oz. They measured her length, 28.5"(25%tile) my trust in that measurement is not the highest. Her hemoglobin was really high :). The doctor called her to see if she would respond to her name- after a few times she turned. He commented that it was good she responded to her name, it shows probably not autistic. When he was mentioning about her name, she patted her chest and got a huge smile, as if saying- 'yes, I know my name!'

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