Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Spaghetti Toes

Today we went to Kesten's and had lunch with her and Keira. It was nice to get together. It was Kesten's boys' nap time and they each had their turn crying. As they cried, Avi just looked at them quizzically. She was chill through the whole thing.
I was on with her nap schedule today and wow!! she took really great naps. The schedule makes such a difference.
At dinner we had spaghetti. Avi ate it well. She started and finished before I did, so she had to wait for me to finish, then I grabbed her tray off and washed it. When I turned back to her, she had found entertainment. She was grabbing a piece of spaghetti from the pocket in her bib and putting it in between her toes, then kicking it off onto the ground, then back for another... It was Hilarious!!!
She got a shower after- and looked sooo cute bundled in her towel!
I got to skype with Gunnar for a long time today!!! Happy Day!!

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  1. Soooo cute (and talented!) Thanks for the blogsite. 'Miss you guys!