Sunday, January 29, 2012

Avi's Schedule

So realizing the baby might come soon, and there is a possibility that a family member would not be able to take Avi when I go to the hospital I wrote up her schedule...
Avi dressed for the outdoors, for some reason, she believes the strap for her hat belongs in her mouth...
Avi's Schedule

Avi is Lactose Intolerant- DO NOT give her regular milk or cheese!!! (yogurt is okay)

Somewhere from 7:30- 8:30 
she wakes up
Diaper change
short morning prayer
mix granola with 1/4-1/2 banana, whole Lactase milk and heat in glass bowl (in large cupboard by sink)  for 1 min 30 secs- pull out, stir, move to little plastic bowl.- make sure cereal has cooled properly.
There should be a sippy cup with milk in the fridge, if not offer water sippy cup.
*can mix in yogurt, berries, &/or cheerios (located above the cupboards, to the left of the stove) into granola mix
**Bibs and Paper towels are on the counter by the fridge, wet towel with warm water, and good luck getting her cleaned off :)
***clean high chair tray so it will be ready for later
**** I like to read her a few verses of scripture while she eats
***** She will sometimes fold her arms for a second to say a prayer for a meal, but it does not last, just say it :).

Her toothbrush should be on the bathroom counter, it is blue and white with a suction bottom. Her tooth paste is in a travel toothpaste container- Kid's Crest- use small amount, she does not know how to spit yet. She likes to brush her own teeth, but hates to have hers brushes, just let her do her own.

first door on the left up stairs, is our room. Just in side is a three drawer tupperware container that has her clothes. Top drawer= Tops, middle drawer= pants, bottom drawer= socks, etc.

10:30 or 11 Snack- Choose one-
-some orange slices (peeled & cut in half)
-piece of wheat bread with peanut butter (use creamy peanut butter)
-yogurt (the YOBABY green containers) *I like to add rice cereal to thicken- put half  of yogurt in a plastic add abt 2 TBLSP and mix
-baby meat sticks ( give her one at a time)
-banana *can have it with peanut butter
-humus with chips
-apple cut and peeled, softened in microwave 30 sec-1 min
-applesauce *I like to add rice cereal to this as well

12:30 Lunch
-She LOVES eggs- we usually do a little omelet- finely chopped veggies (no tomatoes), with two eggs *do not mix in regular milk or cheese.
-If there is left over pasta and sauce
-there are sweet potato fries in the freezer *they do not take the recommended 20 mins
- lunch meat (heat for about 30 sec in microwave and cut up) and a grain and fruit
-any snack ideas

1:00 Nap

make sure she has a clean diaper
with lights out, sing her two songs, put her in her bed
* she will not let you put a blanket over her usually, and she will cry. Leave the room, close the door and be quiet. She will settle down.
** if she stirs before 2:30 don't get her unless she cries for more than 5 minutes

2:30-3:30 Wake up
-change diaper
-offer small snack

5:30 Dinner
- make some ham fried rice (add ham and rice to the omelet)
- any of the above snack or meal ideas, if she has not had yogurt and supplements yet- then add pro-biotic capsule (Culturelle in box) to tsp of yogurt, feed it to her, then rest of container, 1 DROP flouride, 1 ml vitamins

6:30 Bed time
- brush teeth, I have to pin her down... *I have found the trick! I let her brush my teeth while I brush hers, we also use a flosser to floss her teeth, since they are rather tight esp. on the bottom.
- diaper change
- pajamas are in the three tupperware container in the closet, bottom drawer
- read 2-3 books
- say a prayer
- tell short scripture story
- turn out lights, sing 2-3 songs, put into bed *she will cry, leave, close the door, turn off lights up stairs, be quiet, she will settle down.

*we try to keep a sippy cup of water available for her at all times
** I do not give her sugar- so no fruit snacks, syrup, and all other obvious sugary treats
***If weather permitting, she LOVES to go outside. Her coat is in the coat closet- it is a dark pink with hearts, her boots (which are black) are also in there, or she has pink and white sneakers. There are hats in the red basket by the love seat. You will have a hard time getting her coat and hat off when you come back in. Mittens if not in coat pockets are dirty- use a pair of socks to cover her hands.
****Of course check diaper more than indicated on schedule :)

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