Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Some names and NST

We were able to skype with Gunnar for over an hour yesterday, but I don't quite know how much of that time was actually spent skyping, because we kept loosing connection, but Gunnar read through names and suggested some
  • Bastion, Damitrios, Gavin, Gideon, Olin, Micah, Paxton, and Horatio
  • He was also thinking of middle names, Maddox, and Dale, to connect him to his mother's line

    Though I was able to see Gunnar, I was extremely depressed yesterday. Mom was so sweet when she came home, I was in my room, she came in and asked if there was anything she could do. She took out my trash and she and Em took Avi shopping. It was just what I needed- some time to just be depressed, I was feeling better after a while just lying there.
    Today I had a non-stress test. I had come contractions, which I was feeling, but they were irregular and not too bad, so they sent me home, and said to watch for if they got bigger and and regular. I had them for a few more hours, but thankfully they stopped. I am curious to see if I dilated...
    Avi made friends with the sister that came to help out today. At first Avi cried and cried to have a stranger here again, but then she had some lunch and the sister gave her cheerios, and after that, best buds. I had to leave to my appointment before Avi went down for her nap. It was hard for me to leave her in a 'stranger's' hands, but the sister said she went down well! The sister was able to stay for when she woke up- and Avi was happy to have her get her out of bed and to show the sister how she can dance, a little.

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