Thursday, January 26, 2012

OB 34= back to bed rest

So, being off bed rest was very fun- I got the laundry caught up, went outside with Avi, cleaned the grout in my mom's bathroom- by the way- best way ever to clean grout- is baking soda and peroxide- I wish I had taken before and after pictures- it was amazing, and hardly had to scrub, this morning I did salt and peroxide to clean the toilet bowl- since Avi dumped out the baking soda yesterday... and it worked as well as any toilet bowl cleaner I have ever used- minus the horrible chemical smell of a regular toilet bowl cleaner! gave Avi a bath, danced with her, let her sleep in my bed, carried her around a little bit, washed her hands, chased her around, it was such fun!
But I guess I was having too much fun... I had my 34 week OB appointment today. I have been debating this week if I should ask for a cervical check and I realized yesterday it would be a good idea, since if there was anything of note I could tell Gunnar to hopefully try to come home earlier-he is so convinced that I am going to make it at least to 39 weeks... so I asked, and they said that would be fine, since it was the strep B test today anyway... Well, checked I am about 3 cm dilated and cervix around 1 cm (how does a doctor tell that?)... anyway back on bed rest to try to get this baby past 36 weeks. HUMPH! I hope we make it. I really do not want have him end up  in the NICU- I just want a healthy strong baby to take home after delivery.
Well, no doubt about it, this is two for two- I am on bed rest, my cervix holds perfectly, I get off bed rest and it changes. Where are those doctors who do the bed rest studies and say it doesn't make a difference?? I hope a cerclage will make a difference in the next pregnancy-a.k.a no bed rest... not being able to take care of your children for a couple of months is unacceptable. If this keeps up our family size is limited.
Gunnar actually left me a Facebook message! this is third he has left me in the time he has been gone..(about four months since the last message left). It was very sweet and good of him. I have been hounding him for months now to write me letter, I am getting desperate for some hubby love- so I resorted to say- just leave me a note of Facebook, or shoot me an e-mail- I sometimes need more than an hour total of my husband per week.  Is it bad, though he is very sweet and loving in his message, that I almost take it all with a grain of salt-- ya sure you love me oh so very much, but you can't write me a stupid letter???...even when I am stuck on bed rest??! ah, maybe we will have some issues to work through... well, throw them onto the pile- it is going to be party when he gets back.

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