Saturday, January 14, 2012

Aunt help

The non stress test went well on Friday. Teresja came over to help. She was great! She did laundry, dishes, brought the movie "The Help" (I was a horrible person to watch it with- the whole time I was commenting how it was similar or different from the book, but I really enjoyed watching it). She took Avi outside! and trouble- introduced me to a Koren romantic comedy- and I only have one more week of bed rest left! :) I was a little nervous to leave Avi with Teresja because Avi has had such a difficult time with the sisters from the ward, but thankfully, Avi remembered her well enough that they had fun when I left for my appointment.
Avi found the great game of throwing her links down the stairs- she thought it was very exciting! She also is loving it when I, or she is druming my lips- if I speed it up and raise the pitch- she thinks it is hilarious. She seems constantly hungry today- I hope she is having a growth spurt.
I am sick every morning- I thought it was just a matter of being up more- I found out today, that being up makes it worse, but I think it is just a pregnancy thing.. I am just lucky it is not too bad. so far. Today it lasted longer. It has been most the day, maybe it was too many sweets yesterday.

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