Thursday, January 12, 2012

OB appointment 32

Yes, I have three appointments this week. I had my second today- OB/GYN. I have gained about a pound. I am now about 135. My belly is 32 inches-right on- but I swear they are measuring incorrectly, it feels like it is much bigger :)!! My little guy's heart beat was good. The doctor encouraged me to slowly but surely increase my activity level.
Avi's two favorite new activities- one is to get a tissue and blow her nose, I have to watch her- A. to keep her from using all the tissue, and B. she usually ends up tearing up and eating the current tissue- thankfully she at least comes to me and sticks out her tongue to get the tissue out. Her second activity started by her getting a baby wipe and wiping her hands with it, and then now she loves to get them or towels and wipe the table, chair, or floor. She it rather cute while doing it, but it really makes me cringe when she changes from rubbing the floor with a cloth and pops it over her head to play peek-a-boo.
We had our second sister from the ward come help today with lunch and nap time. Our ward has such nice women in it! Avi again did not handle being picked up by a stranger well... Thankfully family can help out for the rest of bed rest.

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