Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

The first day of 2012! I have to admit, I don't feel much excitement. I think the novelty of birthdays and new years wear off as I experience more of them.. Maybe I am just a scrooge.
Last night we went over to Erin's for dinner, treats, and games. We played Catch Phrase and Imaginiff. They were very fun. We toasted to the new year at 9. I had planned on letting Avi stay up later, but I think she ate something wrong the day before- she had some crazy diapers, was tired a bit grumpy yesterday- so she was put down at the regular time. When we got home I was letting her sleep with me, but she was not sleeping well- I would call mom to come get her- and she would immediately snuggle in- and settle down- it was funny how fast she could settle. Midnight hit and the noise of fireworks woke her, she was taking too long to go back down, so I did eventually have mom come and put her in her own bed, and we both slept much better as a result.
The last couple of days I am waking up not feeling well- I think one of my New Year's resolutions needs to be to not eat at night- especially treats.... well, at least to not eat too many :).
Avi went to Nursery today!! She is month off, but they let her in. Mom said she just took her for Relief Society. She reported that she cried a little, but after that played really well! Her favorite toys- that she had to show grandma when she picked her up- were a shopping cart that she got to push around and the play kitchen. She also colored some pictures. The funny thing is that when I first had her, I thought I was going to delay putting her into nursery, but this morning, when mom was asking if she really should take her- since church cuts into her nap time- I urged her to see if nursery would let her come in, hoping Avi would be so excited about the toys and kids so she wouldn't be too hard for mom. Avi came home beaming! I think she really had a great time.
Another wonderful Avi thing of today- she ate some potato and broccoli!! Vegetables!
I spoke too quickly about Avi's diapers being okay- the day I wrote about it- poop outs started again- humph. I'll give a day or two more and then I think I should call her pediatrician. At least today she was happy...
Today mom brought me the new study manuals for Sunday school and Relief Society. I read the first lesson out of the teachings of George Albert Smith. I think what impressed me most was a story of a man who lived in Utah. He was not a member of the church. He remarked that for years he had neighbors that were members, but they seemed no better or different than those that were not. It goes on to say, that that is a shame. If we, as members are not better, it is time for reform. We have the teachings of the Savior. We must really be living them- making us different. I have much to improve.
So ten weeks of bed rest done. Three to go. I feel like I am ready to be there, can I please just skip ahead?
I am also ten weeks free of looking at split ends.

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