Friday, December 30, 2011

My big-little Girl

Avi is my big-little girl. She was sitting at the table this morning coloring! I felt like she is really graduating from the baby stage. She was so cute to watch color and snack on chex cereal. Unfortunantely I have not been able to locate my camera... humph.
This week we taught her to respond to being asked how old she is- she is so cute! She holds up her finger, and then claps- because we always celebrate her getting it right. Now I am working on teaching her to sign "thank you". The first time I showed her- she blew me a kiss back :). now it is kind of a random movement from the chin or chest.
Her cheeks are chubbing back up- at Erin's she was basically on the BRAT diet, and yes, it was helping her diaper, but she started to loose a little bit of weight. So I am very glad she is gaining back. Speaking of which- she has not pooped in the middle of the night for about four or five days!! and her bum is looking better- I think she needed the prescription bum paste- which smells horrible!!
Avi likes to sing songs with her baby- she thinks it is fun to have me help her to do the actions to "Wheels on the bus" and "Pat-a-Cake" with her baby doll.
She is also understanding some simple commands like- "Give that to ____", and sometimes- "Put that away".

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