Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bearded Hats!!

Okay- so here is my latest project.. I never knew these crazy things existed till one of Erin's friends on Facebook asked if I could make them- so I discovered them and have spent way to many hours making up the patterns. I think they are hilarious! They have really grown on me. I will see if the friend wants to buy them from me... I found a few things from this project- 1. making an adult hat takes so long!! wow! I hardly had the patience to do it! 2. I taught myself a new way to handle the popcorn stitch 3. children's head and women's heads are basically the same size (but the woman needs a longer hat)- while men's are a bit bigger (longer hat, wider beard)... interesting...
So yes, I think you could describe my last two days as crocheting (also working on making a pattern for a tapered head band with some zig zag for cool element :))... I listened to most of the General Relief Society broadcast from this last conference. I had forgotten that Sis. Beck said General Presidency has asked us to study the new Relief Society book... I guess I need to get on that.
I have gotten on Pinterest. Oh Trouble!! I see addiction written all over it. I will have to be careful to time myself...
Gunnar called today- and shocked me at the end of the call. Out of no where he called me gorgeous and told me he appreciates looking at me in our family picture that I framed for him so he could have it on his nightstand. I was blown away. I wanted to ask where that came from. It totally made my day. I still feel shocked...
Jennica came over tonight to give Erin and Wayne the evening off. She brought pizza and we watched "The Muppet Christmas Carol". I love that movie!! We usually watch it every year. It is really one of the best versions of the The Christmas Carol.
Teresja came over on Monday evening while Erin's  family went out. We had Indian and watched another muppet movie- it is the muppet week! Avi was so sick- she was listless. She laid on my chest and hardly moved. But very thankfully she felt better in the morning.
When Erin's family went out they went to Korean they had left overs so I have fallen in love with- Jajangmyeon. Yum!
I miss Gunnar, I am mad at Gunnar, I love Gunnar, etc... how can there be such a range and mixture of emotions for one person??

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  1. Seriously LOVING those hats! How much are you going to charge for those cause I might need to order them! :) I'm glad you got on Pinterest! It seriously is so time consuming...there are times that I have to limit myself.

    I really enjoyed talking to you today! We need to talk more!