Friday, December 23, 2011

Third molar, aliens, and...

Avi is getting her third molar! It is coming in on the bottom right side. I spotted it last night- she just had had some rice, so for a moment I wondered if it was rice in her mouth, but nope- it was the beginning of another tooth. Last night I went to bed about midnight- Avi had a poopy diaper- thankfully not leaked out. Emily put her back in her bed, and she of course cried, but it was so bad- I told Em to go ahead and let her sleep with me. I am pretty sure her mouth was bothering her. She was restless and fussy, and the dead give away of teething- she wanted to sleep on top of me.
I have one more present to wrap. I guess since tomorrow is Christmas eve- I am not as on top of things as I feel, but better than Gunnar's mom was telling me that her dad would wait till Christmas day to wrap all the kids' presents- there are nine kids in their family...
I have found more crochet projects I want to attempt- ha ha ha!! mouse hat, mermaid tail, bumble bee tushy cover with hat... okay, just found a pig set too- oh man... this is trouble!
Today I got a package from Alicia- the trade. I LOVE what she made! they are sooo cute. coordinating skirt, tie, and hair accessory- Oh, my babies are going to look sooo cute! I really hope the hats/beards fit her guys well. Kesten came over and we exchanged presents (okay, so in gift giving she always puts me to shame, she is so nice)- and they had ordered  a bearded hat for Frank- the beard, I have to say- looks awesome on him, but I made the hat too long- apparently not all guys have as long as heads as Wayne!! He can get away with it, but I feel bad- I like things to look the best I can make them.
The last three days Avi has played mostly with a bucket of Aliens from Disneyland- the Toy Story ones. She loves them! They are just the little plastic aliens, but she loves pulling them in and out of the bucket, playing around with them, putting them in the lid and dumping them back into the bucket.... they have been her favorite three days running- who would have guessed?
I finished the book of Mark this morning. I thought it would be good to read some New Testament before Christmas. I loved it. I haven't read the book of Mark a ton, so it was nice. It is such a nice summary of the Savior's life. I have loved thinking about the miracles and works of the Savior as Christmas is drawing near. It is such a blessing to have the scriptures. I think my next goal will be from my mom's ward- they have a 'coming closer to Christ in 40 days' program- a schedule for reading The Book of Mormon. I would like to read it again before the baby comes- seems a good way to polish off my bed rest time. I hope Gunnar can join me- I was going to ask him to start with me today, but no call.
My belly is huge- at least I feel it is. I feel like when I am up walking my belly leads the way. I am watching for stretch marks- thankfully none so far- well no new ones that is. Motherhood really is insanity- you loose your body, your sleep, your health...but it really is the best thing. I called to register at the hospital in Provo- since my appointment on Tuesday is there. The young man who was registering me told me he was in Air Force reserves and going in full time this upcoming year, when I mentioned Gunnar being deployed. That launched us off into talking about military service, etc... he said he was a thrill junky and wanted to lead a "meaningful" life, so he wanted to be a paratrooper and never get married and have a family. I told him- okay- get your thrills in while he was enlisted, but that in few years, he would be older and wiser he would realize the best thing he could ever do in his life was to have a family. I let him know having kids is the best thing in the world- yes, I loved sky diving when I went, but having kids is even better. He commented that I was pretty sure of myself when I told him that having kids was the best thing ever- I told him I was because I was right.

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