Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sunday at mom's house

Avi opened a Christmas present today. An adorable sweater.... I half put it back in its wrap and put it back under the tree. I worked on some Christmas presents today :), finished the Doctrine and Covenants, ate delicious jalapeno jelly with cream cheese and crackers. Cute young men brought me the sacrament, at Erin's house it was usually the young men leaders that brought it. Avi is the queen of giving hugs and kisses. She will hold her doll and give it kisses- it is rather cute. She is beginning to get kissing her hand, but hasn't got the blowing part yet. Avi loves knocking on doors. She also loves hiding things- even if it is just putting her toy behind her back, then she puts up her hands and asks where did it go? Grabs it, and throws it back again. Today she figured out hiding her feet in between the cushions on the couch- pretty much awesome in her world. I think about half her days consist of some sort of peek-a-boo or hiding something. She loves it.
My hands, feet and lips are falling apart. They are painfully dry. My lips are cracked and bleeding.. ugh- I guess it is Utah that makes them worse! (They are normally bad, but this is painful)
I was playing with Avi in the living room, and I was leaning on my arms. My arms eventually started stinging slightly- I am still a bit  uncomfortably rashed,- I am allergic to the stupid cat! That is normally outside, but my mom and sister let her in when I am not around... uck! and ouch for me.
I got to talk to Gunnar today! Oh, happy day! I miss him so much. This is really ridiculous. I can't wait till we are done. I can't believe there are six more months- SIX!! Props to those military families that can take it in stride, I personally feel it is horrible- especially since he got to choose to leave!!
Last night to tonight Avi's poop has been more solid, she had a looser one today, but it didn't leak out and it had some thickness to it... hopefully this keeps up as we are careful with the dairy. As Avi's hair grows it seems to be becoming more and more mullet-fantastic. The back is growing- seemingly in two layers, while the top is getting a bit thicker and the sides are still short and thin... oh my baby girl... maybe when I am off bed rest we will go through the fight to teach her to keep a head band on. Have I mentioned I really love my little girl. She is a doll. How did I luck out to have such a cute sweet heart?
As I have watched the nativity and seen some pictures of it- it has made me so excited to have this little boy. There are times I feel my arms were made to hold my babies. Is there anything better? Especially as I have been on bed rest I feel I have ached to hold Avi and now I am starting to feel the longing to hold this little guy in a few months. 

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