Monday, December 12, 2011

Crochet Crochet crochet

crochet, crochet, crochet... that has been my life this last week, thus no blogging. I had an order for bearded hats that was big, I thought I was putting out at a good rate, and then I started getting sick on Wednesday, and was miserable on Thursday. Lucky me the girl who ordered, messaged me on Thursday saying that she had miscounted and needed thankfully a lot less! It was my life saver! They are done and in the mail. Happy day! I hope they fit who she gives them to. I made some with a button and some without, thinking options are good. They look great when they fit right, so I hope they do! I had myself and family to try to get sizes from. I am more comfortable with having the person here and being able to custom make it to fit them.

We are still dealing with poop outs with Avi, They are less often than when she was on dairy, and her rash is looking better, but we are just not getting over crazy poop! Finally I am on the correct insurance, so on Monday I am going to call to make an appointment with a pediatrician.

After two months of wonderful care from Erin and family, Avi and I have moved to my mom's for the holidays and if things are still going well, we will are moving up to Idaho to be with Gunnar's parents for till the end of bed rest. We will miss Erin and family. They were so good to us and took such good care of us.
I had my perinatalogist visit this week. The eccobowel is less noticeable now, but that usually happens the further along... At first my cervix measured 3.7- up! but then the baby moved, and I was down to a 2.5- right on the line of safe cervix. 

Avi likes to play peek-a-boo around both sides of an object. Or if wearing an oversized hat- that will also do.
Avi loved looking at the box mom's Costco navtivity came in. When it was put on on top of the piano, it took her a day or two, but then she was excited to point that the picture on the box was now up on the piano. She is teething the upper left side. Huge poop outs this weekend- one equaled a midnight bath, the other left a poop trail as she was carried into the house- and this was through pants and a onsesie.
Monday we went to Sonja's while Sonja and Teresja made dress up skirts for the neices. Avi enjoyed the food, wandering around, trying on different hats, taking her nap, and dancing to some the music on the Bollywood movies we watched. I crocheted.
I got a package from Gunnar. Oh, the love! Merry Christmas!
Finished "Lost".

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