Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Avi wet the bed

Today Avi took off her pants and her diaper and wet the bed when she was down for her nap... I knew it was coming... she has been discovering taking off her pants for about the last week, but here it is. She was not wearing a onesie today, so I think we will need to make sure she is wearing one.
Yesterday Teresja came over for a few hours while the family was gone to a movie. We had lunch and played Banangrams- each of us won a round. I feel I should get extra points winning against Teresja- she is ridiculously good at games. Let's just say every time there was a word or two she had that I had never heard.
I gave up on Avi's little present she had unwrapped. She got it out and wanted to try it on. The tag was still attached to the sleeve. So she got pleasure out of trying to hand me the tag and it still be attached.
Poop out this morning, so I called the pediatrician. I talked to the nurse. She said that to start her on probiotics and if she isn't better in ten days then to bring her in. My mom went shopping to pick the probiotics, and she also needed more vitamins. The nurse suggested Culturelle- it is the most studied. Oh, wow- for 30 packets it is like $19! Well, there is Christmas! I think we will start with these, and see how they go and then hopefully be able to find a cheaper brand.
I talked to a friend from Fallon tonight. To my shock, I found out she reads this. Thankfully skims through... honestly- I don't have a very exciting life so it is a wonder to me that someone should read this. It was lovely to catch up a bit. It is a wonderful blessing to have friends.
It is certainly different to be at mom's as opposed to Erin's- I felt it the most today. My mom was gone today shopping for a few hours, so Emily was doing dishes, and helping out... I think she was a bit overwhelmed by it all, so I got up to help out with Avi a bit more than normal- Emily said thank you- I was up again this evening, because it was getting late- past Avi's bed time- mom was just making dinner- Avi needed to start her probiotics, so I got up to give her them- Erin happened to be over and said I should lay down..the difference of understanding bed rest- and what possible affects could be of delivering early (the saying "thank you" vs. the "lay down"). Emily had also forgotten to get me lunch... I grabbed some fruit to tide me over. I felt like it is harder to stay down when left alone with Avi here- partly because if I get all the way down on the ground with her, I get rashed from the cat-carpet, and partly because Avi likes to travel up and down the steps. I am further along- 29 weeks, and am on a modified bed rest, so I guess I could test my boundaries a bit more, but it is a whole mental torture to know the should's and shouldn't's. What if this little guy comes early and ends up with mental retardation, heart problems, asthma, bad eye sight....? Just because I wanted to take care of Avi more or play with her a bit better being up... but then maybe we could be fine if I am up a bit more...what a situation...
I made- what I think are rather cute bearded hats for the trade. I need to take pictures. I really like the look- I am very curious about the fit. I hope they like them!
Kesten's family and Matt Maddox's family came over last night- they were going to carol, but Avi was already out. I can't believe I married Matt's cousin. It is such a small world. It was fun to visit. Kesten like the head band/ear warmer I made her for Christmas- I had her try it on to see if I needed to move the button, but it fit perfectly, so she ended up taking.
No Gunnar today. In a way I almost feel I mentally asked for it. Last night I was thinking how ridiculous just talking to him for 15 minutes is. I want him home. I feel done with just talking to him a bit about half the week, and that is all I get of my husband. I know, I should be grateful for that, that it is incredibly better than what was available before, and it's only about a year total, and we are about half way through, but I just can't believe it is six more months or so before he comes home. The glass is half empty.
Mom and I started watching Sherlock- the tv series on Netflix tonight. I think it will be fun to watch. There are only three episodes so far- I hope more will come out before we watch all of them.

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