Friday, January 27, 2012

Aaahhh pregnancy

Non-stress today- the baby didn't have a heart acceleration as high as they would like, but the doctor reviewed it, and said it was okay. Cord still around the neck.
So TMI- yesterday I had an increase in discharge and it seemed really watery. I forgot to tell the doctor about it, so when I called to reschedule an appointment, I left  a message, just in case. The nurse called me today and said, either I peed without knowing it- thank you pregnancy- or my amniotic fluid is leaking and after 24 hours my baby is at risk for infection. I have been nervously smelling my pants trying to figure out if it is pee or not... but I have not discharged like I did yesterday, so I think it is okay. Probably just pregnancy discharge fun.
I asked the nurse what my effacement was- 80%. Wow. Thankfully Gunnar called today and I asked him how quickly he could get home. I am guessing if bed rest does the trick to get us through this next week, I am thinking this baby will come within the two weeks after. - hopefully in three weeks- let's get to 37 weeks- full term! He said he would get to work on his paper work and talk to the people over leave, hopefully he can come soon. It would be nice to have him here for the birth.
Today Sonja came to help. She is so nice to help out! She took Avi outside to play- happy day! To get her ready she got some socks to put on and Avi would not let her put them on her feet. She wanted them on her hands. Sonja was telling her that it was a silly of her to want her socks on her hands- since they go on your feet, but I had to interrupt to let Sonja know- that when we can't find Avi's mittens, we put socks on her hands. It was rather cute of Avi. She had her socks and mittens on to go outside today, and was reluctant to have them taken off when she came back in- it is always hard to get her to remove her coat and hat... she loves to go out.
The star  stacker toy and the exercise ball have been the hit toys of the day- what wild bouncing times Avi had with her Aunt Sonja!!

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