Monday, January 9, 2012

Not much

Humm... What to write about? Erin came by to help out today, it was fun to chat and to have Avi and Jaxon play together.
As for me, I feel like crochet and pinterest could sum up my last few days- seriously addicted! I am bent on learning how to knit- I think for the most part knit can produce more beautiful things...
So perhaps Gunnar's rate on paying me a compliment came out- and well, he is doing much better- and I am- embarrassed, but loving. He very nicely told me he thought me beautiful a few days ago- and well, I have been much happier with my marriage for the last few days... I mean sometimes I don't really believe what he says- sometimes he'll say a cute or sweet thing, but I know it perhaps not fully the case... but hey! He loves me! Jump for joy!
My little sister is engaged- holy cow! Who lets these things happen? When did they start letting babies (aka 19 year olds) get married?
So two more weeks of bed rest left. I am looking forward to holding Avi, going outside, doing my laundry, showering at least every other day- and in four weeks- I'll risk a bath! Maybe I'll even get to do one of the many sewing projects I have found on Pinterest...
I am so weak. I am bit nervous about getting off. This morning we had the delight of finding one of the straps on Avi's diapers was undone and she had wet and poop leaked down into one of her footsies of her pajamas. Emily had gotten up to pick her up out of her bed to hand her to me, and then had gone back to bed. I cleaned her up and got the bath running, and had to get Emily again to put her in... anyway, it kind of kept going like that- I made Avi's breakfast and gave it to her, got mine... well by the time Emily left, and Avi and I were fed and Avi dressed (I didn't get done till this evening...) well, I felt sick and exhausted- and I never even lifted Avi. I am nervous when I get off I'll be taking care of Avi and end up fainting and throwing up like I did last time I got off...

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