Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I had a non-stress today. Apparently this little guy enjoyed the french toast breakfast- he was so busy! The doctor commented that I was getting 'beat up'. So happy day for things to be looking well.
Mom brought home some Play Dough the other day. Avi is in love! She played with it four times today, and normally fusses when it is time to put it away. She is so cute sitting at the table- she likes to swing her legs around in the big kitchen chair- swishing them back and forth.
Sonja helped out today. Lucky Avi got to go outside twice with her! Of course as she was out she mostly just chased the cat around.
Today Avi has really mastered walking up the stairs. She did it with no problem twice as we went up for bed- yes, we had to go up twice :). She is just looking older. I think her legs are longer, the seem to reach better on her scoot and ride toy.
This evening we had fun pounding on mom's exercise ball and peering at each other through it and around it. Then we played with the blanket- rolling her in it to make a bundle and then laying it out, putting balls on it and flapping them off. Her favorite books right now are a Peek-a-boo baby book, the Little Biddle books, and The Little Fat Policeman- she now likes to hold her hand up to say 'stop' to the cars in the book like the police man. She is sometimes able to answer that a dog says "ruff". She can flap her arms and look up when told. She is pro at signing "Thank you", but "love" is basically impossible to decipher from her arms being folded for prayer- so sometimes I say an extra prayer, and sometimes maybe I have missed some...
She loves yogurt- we mix it with rice cereal to give it some more bulk. She likes those little baby meat sticks, fruit- even dates! and of course bread!! She only likes to drink water.
Gunnar suggested a name for the baby!! I was shocked and pleasantly surprised that he was able to come up with a name. He has been reading The Count of Monte Crisco so he suggested the name, Edmund. I told him I was glad he suggested a name... somehow he picked up that I was not a fan of the name, but I was just so glad he even suggested one.
Trying to learn how to knit today- I learned in college, but right now it feels like a magic trick. It was not suppose to be this difficult to relearn it.
Three days of bed rest to go.

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