Wednesday, February 1, 2012

OB 35 weeks

My 35 week OB visit- up to 139 now and 4 cm dilated same effacement. Even with moderate bed rest, I am up another cm- the doctor said it was a definite 4, no stretching to get there. She said if I have any contractions, even if they are irregular to go into labor and delivery. She hopes I can make it to 37 weeks, let alone to my visit next week.  I told her last time I was at a four and the next week I was about a 6- she said a six when you just went to your OB visit?? I responded yes, she says if I am there next week, she'll probably admit me the hospital. Hoping this little guy will stay in- A. because he is a boy, and boys especially need all the womb time they can get, B. I really want Gunnar to be here.
He called on my way home from the visit- it was cute because he said he had been waiting for it to be time to call me- I had let him know when my visit was going to be. He is going to talk to his command and make his way out here. He said the travel plans he had right now, it takes 4-5 days to travel out here (getting him here the 14 or 15th) I just hope he gets here in time, but I am hoping he can get on a plane in a day or two, and get here faster... Thinking this little guy is going to be here next week... I am afraid, things are not going to be very well prepared for him. Just hoping he'll be okay.
I was commenting on my dysfunctional body- and Gunnar responded that I did not have one- I said- three and half months months bed rest! It may not be as dysfunctional as others, but it is dysfunctional.
Three days in a row- Avi has not been wetting her pants as much- usually only two or three barely wet diapers with two poopy ones for the day- okay big poop out today, but the last two days have been more solid. She is not stellar at drinking, but she takes sips through out the day, I always try to have a water cup around, and she does drink...

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