Saturday, February 4, 2012

Gunnar's traveling

My sweet little Avi in the last week has started to pronounce words more clearly- "baby", "shoes", "tutu","book" -"thank you" is getting better- "bye" has always been pretty clear. The last two or three mornings she has woken up and gets up and points to where her books are and says "books". It is rather adorable, so we start the day with reading a book.
Yesterday I read that Gunnar had left me a message on Facebook that he was trying get on a plane to come home the day before. I was so excited! I got a call this morning from him to find out he had spent the last two days waiting in a terminal waiting for the weather to clear to get out. I was so sad today- two days I had thought he was getting closer. I just want him here so badly for when this little boy comes. Every backache I am scared is a contraction. I have had intestinal issues today- miserable especially when pregnant, and scared perhaps the pains mean more. I am so tired of being down, feeling selfish for wanting to be up, wanting Gunnar to be here for the delivery, wanting to take care of myself and Avi, get things ready for the baby, hoping baby will be okay when he gets here- I am 36 weeks today-, wondering how to have Avi not do the things she knows she is not suppose to do (she says "no, no" and does them...), and in the meanwhile I am lying on the couch- but 36 I should be off- but I want to make to 37 just in case, and I don't want to have Gunnar miss this- But I so planned on being off at 36 I feel like going crazy! Guilty to be staying down- because I have to have help, but feeling guilty to want to be up, because it could be detrimental to the baby.
Checked facebook again- Gunnar is on his way! few more days he'll be in the States- not sure when he'll be home- hopefully soon!

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