Monday, February 27, 2012


I have not written for a while... someday I might fill in what I have written down in a notebook.
Today- I ventured to make my first dinner in three weeks... It was a simple Pad Thai. I thought it was tasty- though it needed more sauce, bean sprouts, and some meat, but Avi ate some- so can I really complain? I plan on making it again.
Mom and I also make an avocado shake- yum yum! I got on at the Banana Leaf in Provo, and have been wanting one ever since, I tried making one for Avi last week (she had liked the one at the restaurant)  but she just dumped it, I think I will try again. They are so good.
Avi followed the cat around with her water bowl today, then she got into the cat food- she had done this the other day- trying to feed the cat- picking some up and trying to have the cat eat it out her hand- well, today she went to the next level.. she tried it.. and said- "yum yum yumm"- uh oh! not what a mother wants to hear.
Gage is turning into a cuddle bug. I have been wrapping him to me, and he drifts off to sleep every time. He is spitter- not in huge volume, but it quite a bit- so between him and Avi's messes we produce  a lot of laundry.

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  1. Where is the pictures of this little boy? I am so excited to see him! I have actually logged onto facebook several times the last couple weeks just to see if there were any pics (which is UNHEARD of for me). Hope you are well and adjusting to 2 and life standing up again!

    Love you guys!